A little girl that is sitting in the grass

Stay healthy and hydrated this summer

August 5, 2017

Summer sunshine always makes us feel better and want to get out in the garden with the family to enjoy it. Whether you’re gardening or playing a bit of sport with your kids in the mid day sun, it’s worthwhile thinking about how much fluid you’re losing. We all sweat in hot weather and when you’re outside having fun it’s easy to forget to take on board fluids.

Stay healthy and hydrated this summer

A little girl that is standing in the grass

Dehydration is a real issue when the weather is hot and sunny because for elderly and the young in particular there is a real health risk. The very young and elderly find it harder to regulate their temperatures and dehydration can occur quite quickly so you need to be aware of the signs.

Signs of dehydration

It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re busy and having fun, so don’t just rely on water and look out for the signs of dehydration. These include dark urine, tiredness, confusion, headaches, thirst, irritability and even a weak pulse. So if you want to stay fit, make the most of the summer weather and take care of your family, use Dioralyte to help your whole family rehydrate in the hot summer weather. 

A little girl that is sitting in the grass

How to get rehydrated

Rehydration isn’t just about water or juices, as we sweat we lose valuable salts such as potassium and sodium which are vital for efficient organ function. One of the best ways to rehydrate and recover lost electrolytes is to use Dioralyte. Hydrate healthily using pre-prepared sachets of Dioralyte to restore your natural electrolyte and fluid balance. This will reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, heat stroke and will improve your body’s performance making you feel less tired and more able to live life to the full in the hot weather.

Live life the full this summer and stay hydrated with Dioralyte.

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