A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

4 Home Renovations For Springtime

May 22, 2017

As springtime arrives our thoughts turn to cleaning up and maintenance of our homes. Spring is the perfect time to address those issues that showed up during the brutal cold months, and repairs and renovations are easier done before the scorching heat of summer.

By preparing now, during the milder season, you will save money and prevent costly emergency repairs during the heat of the summer.

4 Home Renovations For Springtime

Color and Paint

Kitchen renovation

No room is more important in your home than the kitchen.

The kitchen is where we gather with family and friends and share life. Of course, the traffic in the area, along with cooking, eating, spills, and smoke have an impact on the room after a while.

You can renovate your kitchen and give it an immediate visual lift without remodeling the entire room. Here are some ideas that will allow you to have a beautiful kitchen, and an updated look, quickly and easily:

  • Install a modern sink or vessel
    • The sink is the focal point of the room. A modern sink or a designer vessel gives the entire room charm and beauty. Modern sinks come in an array of colors, shapes, styles, and designs. You can instantly add chic elegance to your island, or bold lines to a drab area by installing a lovely sink or vessel.
  • Paint
    • Fresh paint and trim on the walls will brighten the room. Go with the clean tradition of white (which never goes out of style) or add some color for a warm and dramatic room.
    • Paint or refinish cabinet doors
  • New Hardware
    • Replace old handles, drawer knobs, and faucets for instant renovation.
  • Flooring and backsplashes
    • New tile for the floor and a tile backsplash makes the entire room look remodeled.

A modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Bathroom touch-up

While you are installing the new sink or vessel in the kitchen, why not consider doing the same for the second most important room in the house, the bathroom?

The bathroom can be spruced up and freshened with a modern sink or vessel, paint, and flooring. This goes perfectly with your kitchen remodel and it will save you time and money to have both rooms addressed.

While you may feel tempted to go with spring colors, consider black and white. Black and white bathroom are elegant and beautiful and you can accessorize beautifully with seasonal colors. By using the black and white with a splash of color theme, you can change the bathroom when the seasons begin to cool and it will cost much less than remodeling every season.

Clean up storage areas and save money

Now is the time to declutter and clean up. If you have closets, garages, attics, and basements that are filled with junk.

Consider reclaiming your space by building a steel storage building with a “cool roof”. Steel buildings are prefabricated and easily erected on your property. They are virtually maintenance free and very versatile.

You are not hampered by support beams, so there is more room for storage and even a workshop area. They come in a variety of colors and are cost-effective. A cool roof is a roof that is a roof with a white, or yellow color that is highly reflective.

By reflecting the harmful sun rays the building is not damaged by the long-term effects of the sun. Also, the reflection reduces the temperatures in the structure by as much as 15%. The contents of the building are better protected and if you choose to heat or cool the building the energy costs are more efficient.

Have your HVAC System Serviced

Spring is the perfect time to have your heating and air conditioning system checked, cleaned and maintenance.

Your HVAC system should be serviced twice per year. By allowing your contractor to do preventative maintenance you lessen the chance of a system failure in the brutal summer months or the dead of winter.

This allows your serviceman to order parts that are showing signs of distress which will save you expedited fees if your system fails and you need emergency service.

Renovation and Building

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