How to use burlap fabric to enhance your home decor

Top Six Burlap Fabric Home Decor Ideas

November 16, 2023


Hey there parents! In the ever-evolving landscape of home decor, trends can come and go. However, there is one timeless material that continues to weave its rustic charm into our contemporary spaces—burlap fabric. Have you ever felt that magnetic pull of burlap’s rustic allure and wondered to yourself, “how can I sprinkle this magic aesthetic across my home?” Well buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the realm of burlap fabric and how to use it to enhance your home decor.

From photo displays to planter covers, burlap fabric can easily be added to a variety of home décor items. Read along and let’s explore the endless possibilities of burlap, and how to bring that cozy, trendy touch to your space. 🏡✨

How to use burlap fabric to enhance your home decor

How to use burlap fabric to enhance your home decor

Table Cover Magic: Unrolling Traditional Charm Right Onto Your Table Space

Here’s an easy way to add a classic style to your next dining experience: embrace burlap fabric as a table runner or tablecloth! Acting as a fantastic, neutral canvas, burlap sets the stage for cozy, homestyle meals. Opt for a stiffer burlap variant because it will minimally shed. Additionally, consider if you want a tablecloth or table runner. A tablecloth will cover the entire table, while a table runner will show off the natural beauty of the table.

For a hassle-free DIY, buy the correct width of fabric you will need and just lay burlap right on your table – no sewing necessary. If you want to take an extra step and have a more finished look, you can hem the edges of the fabric. 🍽️✨

Burlap Curtains: Let The Light Shine And Brighten Any Room

Embrace mother nature with some naturally, sustainably sourced burlap curtains. Woven in a plain open weave style, burlap is a sheer fabric that allows some light and air to pass through the material. This material can be used to create charming, textured curtains. As curtains burlap will allow subtle rays of light to illuminate your space. Furthermore, burlap curtains will elegantly sway with each passing breeze, in addition to allowing fresh air into the room.

Making your own burlap curtains is easy, just sew the rod pockets yourself or add some grommets. Add these charming curtains to both indoor or outdoor spaces – just be sure to check that the burlap is treated for outdoor use.

Burlap Throw Pillows: Add A Touch Of Comfort To Your Domicile  

Decorate any room in your space with rustic burlap throw pillows. When used to craft pillows, burlap fabric can add a traditional attractiveness to most pieces of furniture. Additionally, these pillows can be made to feel comfortably textured and offer the right amount of cushioning. Grace your couch or decorate a bed with a lovely addition of burlap throw pillows. This type of fabric is easy to make into pillows, and it can be further embroidered with intricate patterns and designs, embracing an embroidery legacy. Enhance your existing furniture by adding a few stylish burlap fabric throw pillows! 🌼🛋️✨

How to use burlap fabric to enhance your home decor

Burlap Wreath: Make Everyone Feel Welcome At Your Front Door And More

Make a statement for all to see with a delightful DIY wreath! Burlap wreathes are an easy and chic way to make your home more alluring. From front doors to interior walls, burlap wreaths infuse your space with warmth and character. Burlap fabric wreaths are easy to create. Whether fashioned from a coat hanger, a wire wreath form, or by simply wrapping burlap around an existing wreath, the results are nothing short of beautiful. Welcome guests and create a cozy atmosphere with the timeless style of a burlap wreath! 🍂🏡✨

Burlap Tote Bag: Mixing Practicality And Charm

Tote bags are not just an accessory, they are a décor statement. Elegant and durable, burlap tote bags are sustainably sourced and reusable. They are easy to make and can be decorated in so many different ways. Picture this: a tote made entirely of burlap, adorned with a shabby rose on the side for that perfect rustic touch. You can keep these totes in the kitchen or mudroom for quick access and to display your rustic DIY creation. Tote your naturally stylish with this delightful burlap fabric decor!🌺👜✨

Burlap Vase: Harness The (Flower) Power Of Burlap

Touch up pottery, glassware, and other containers with burlap fabric. Wrap this textured and neutral colored fabric around a variety of items to craft beautiful centerpieces. Burlap matches with most colors, and the fabric is easy to cut to size or can be purchased as ribbons in small widths. Additionally, it is easy to sew, or you can glue it in place for a different approach. Elevate your floral arrangements, food storage, or existing décor items with a splash of burlap fabric.🌷✨

How to use burlap fabric to enhance your home decor


Making your home welcoming and cozy can be simple as adding a few burlap items. By using some easily accessible burlap fabric, you can effortlessly blend a little rustic charm into your space. Whether you prefer a farmhouse vibe or a vintage look, burlap offers a versatile and neutral canvas for your creative expressions.

Next time you are thinking about adding décor to your home, remember how a little burlap fabric goes a long way in adding a traditional and welcoming aesthetic to your home! 

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