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What to Consider Before Starting a Landscaping Project

January 24, 2020

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When people say cliche things such as a home is where the heart is, you may want to cringe – but it is accurate, and it is soft. Building onto your home and landscaping to create a more comfortable outdoor environment is something that we should all do to improve our living space. However, before beginning any large project, consider the following principles as you redesign your home’s landscape.

Factors to consider before you start

The first factor to consider before you consider before starting a home improvement or landscaping project on your residential property is the ideas and needs you have for the property. Do you have plans for a complete overhaul, or do you want to make room in the backyard for an inground swimming pool? Depending on how organizational you are, it is best to make a list of needs and wants before meeting with a landscaping specialist, so you have an earnest idea of what you want. 

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The current landscape

Get a handle on the current landscape in the short-term before making any decisions. If you’ve just moved into a home or property, you need time to adjust to where you like to sit and relax. Enjoy the current landscape, and consider how it can be changed and made more comfortable. Find a focal point on your property, such as a pagoda or patio addition, and start small – especially when budgetary qualms dictate it. 

Finalising ideas

When you finalise your landscaping and home improvement ideas, consider the location. Is that inground swimming pool idea final, or are you considering a front yard garden? More than thinking about whether your HOA will allow the projects you have in mind, you should also study the sun and wind patterns. You do not want to build a fire pit in an area in which wind will quickly extinguish it, or a patio on the side of the house that will get direct sunlight in the eyes of your dinner guests. These are common mistakes for beginners to make during a landscaping project, so make sure to work with a team of experts, such as Neave Group, to avoid them.

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Work with the experts

When you work with an expert in residential landscaping, you get more than a gardener. Hiring an outdoor living space service may help you with pool installation, property maintenance landscaping and gardening services, patios and path creation, deck and fencing, lighting, ponds, and much more. For some homeowners, you may even find professionals that help decorate your home for the holidays if you find yourself too busy to do so. However, if you are determined to take on home projects yourself, focus on scale and pace yourself to ensure a fully put-together look. 

Be open to these ideas as you go

As you undertake a landscaping project, your primary objective is to improve your home. There was something that you did not like about your home or property beforehand, so make sure that as you go through the preparations and steps, you have an open mind. You may even choose to make a change along the way or change your mind – be open to these ideas as you go. 

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