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4 Home Renovation Ideas

April 29, 2016

When you come to renovate a room within your home, it doesn’t have to mean major building works. In fact, it is sometimes smaller changes that make all the difference to a room. Whether you are just looking to freshen up the walls with a coat of paint, adding some new cushions or a rug to make a space much brighter and welcoming.


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Renovating your floors could change the entire look of any area in your home. For example, if you had an old worn out carpet and you replaced it with wooden flooring planks it will attract anyone’s focus by giving a more uplifted and natural look and feel. If you chose black or white gloss floors this will have a greater impact with its gleaming polished glow giving you a totally convert the look into a more modern and contemporary design.

Wooden flooring can be treated in many different ways offering you flexibility in the look you are aiming for. By staining the wooden planks to match furniture pieces within your room or making a real statement by painting a mural on it by the front entrance in a hallway, similar to how the Victorians did with their tiled floors.

Laminate is a great solution for many areas within the home, with many different varieties in colour, design and finishes available you should try to focus on buying the best quality laminate flooring within your budget. Purchasing the cheapest version will only look good for so long and you may be forced to replace it sooner than you would want to. Ensure that you purchase a good underlay to provide some cushioning for the flooring and it is always worth thinking about adding in underfloor heating whilst you have the floor prepped for a new installation.


Light and Image

Gone are the days where we would only have a central light fitting within in each room. Nowadays there is a huge lighting selection to choose from, whether you are looking for new ceiling fittings to spread the light evenly across the room or adding mood lighting in the form of lamps.

Purpose lighting is something that you want to think about too when you renovate a room. Do you read a book in the same place on the sofa each evening? or does the ceiling light cause shadows on your worktop in the kitchen when you are preparing the evening meal? The addition of a flexible lamp in the living room or spot lights under the cabinets would solve these issues.


A chair sitting in front of a window

With double glazing, a must have on all new build properties you might think that you are a little restricted to the style and design that you inherit when you purchase a property. However, unless you live in a listed building or conservation area you are only limited by your eye for design. 

French doors out into the garden off the opportunity to bring the outdoors, indoors, however, traditional sliding patio doors aren’t that eye-catching and from a practical point of view, they can be a pain to use especially with children. Why not consider changing these to open out french doors or if you really want the wow factor, consider the bi-folding doors that offer a very little barrier between you and your garden in the summer months.


A tall building in a city

Whilst it is lovely having large windows to bring in the natural light to a room it can at times be something that you need to have control over. Sitting on the sofa, with your feet up and the sun shining on your TV screen whilst you are trying to catch up on your must-see drama or the sun pouring into your child’s bedroom when you are trying to convince them that it is bedtime is really hard work.

The addition of blinds to your windows can not only be a design statement but it can add that element of practicality that you need. Window shutters are making a big come back and offer that option to block out the sunlight during the day if needed or provide that cosy feeling on an evening as you settle down with a glass of wine in your hand. 

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