Refreshing Benefits to Having Houseplants in Your Home

April 20, 2017

From strong health benefits to creating a positive atmosphere within your home, houseplants are a feature that is becoming more and more popular within homes today. Introducing houseplants to your home has a whole range of refreshing benefits that you’ll start to notice almost instantly, and they’re so easy to introduce to your décor too. Here are some of the many benefits to bring the outdoors in and adding plants to your interiors.

Health Benefits

When you introduce a plant to your interiors you are automatically creating an environment that will be very good for your health. The atmosphere changes the moment an indoor plant is introduced, as plants help to reduce carbon dioxide levels, along with other pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and sometimes even benzene. You’ll also find that indoor plants help to reduce the dust levels, keep air temperatures down and also help to increase humidity.

These health benefits are all helpful to keep heart rates calm, lower blood pressure and also reduce the risk of viruses and headaches. With these health benefits in mind, you often find people choose to have houseplants in most rooms, from the bedroom to all living areas, which is a really good way to keep a fresh, healthy household.

Aesthetical Appeal

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer bold, bright flowers, or subtle plants that blend into the décor, introducing houseplants to your interiors automatically adds aesthetical appeal. The way your home looks and feels is all down to personal style, which is reflected in the décor you choose. Houseplants are the perfect finishing touch to enhance your interiors and make the room feel bolder and brighter, without making drastic changes. It’s surprising just how much plants can do to a room, without you even realising.

For those who love bold flowers and want to add character to the room, you could look at introducing a beautiful bunch or roses, lilies and peonies. For a subtle yet stylish look, you could try introducing a cactus, fern or areca palm. You can then style them with a stunning vase that will help to dress the plants and keep the current theme of your décor flowing perfectly.

Positive Productivity

For many, being productive and creative around the house is essential. Whether you work from home, or you simply want to keep your family productive and stimulated, it’s important that your interiors reflect this and help you to do so. Houseplants are known to be the perfect addition to help increase creativity and productivity. Adding a fresh, bold plant to your light oak furniture will ensure the room is filled with a positive atmosphere that will help you and your family stay focused.

Keep it Fresh

Many homes today are reliant on their central heating, air conditioning, underfloor heating and so on. Whilst this is always important to have in the home, it can eventually cause excess dust, as well as filtering out harmful elements that you don’t actually know about. The air in your home is affected instantly when these gases or elements are released, and you breathe this air in every day. Similarly, items such as plastic bags and even your rugs or curtains can contain gases that are filtered through the air and around your home. Houseplants are very useful for eliminating these gases and purifying the air throughout your house.

It’s important to try to have at least one plant in each room of your home, especially rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, and hallways. By adding plants to your home, the air throughout your home will become fresh, pure and clear almost instantly.

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Written by Ella Robinson

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