A made bed in a room

When did you last give your bed a makeover?

April 30, 2016

Let’s be honest, most of us would prefer to spend more time in bed if we could get away with it. I know that I would love to not only grab a few extra hours sleep here and there but also use my bedroom as a place that I go to chill out and relax after a manic day with the children.

The thing is, though, have you ever looked at your bed and thought how you’d love to give it a little makeover but don’t necessarily need to replace the actual bed but need to give it a new lease of life? Well look no further I’ve got some great ideas on how you can give your bed a makeover.

When did you last give your bed a makeover?

A made bed in a room


As someone who prefers a divan bed, a headboard is an important segment of the bed. It is something that you can choose to express your personality with on what otherwise would be a boring divan bed. Whether you opt for a metal, wooden or fabric headboard it can be a real statement within your room.

A made bed in a bedroom

Replacing your headboard with a new one can really give your bed a lift especially if you opt for something different to what you have currently. We recently purchased a new bed with a much larger headboard than we had previously and it has given our bed space that hotel feel that we were aiming for.


There is something about the feeling of slipping into bed between freshly laundered sheets, however, if like most parents you have purchased more Thomas & Friends, One Direction and Hello Kitty bedding sets for your children then it’s about time that you treated yourself to some new bedding. Crisp white bedding looks great in almost any room and can really lift dark spaces, however, if you have quite neutral walls why not opt for something with a bit of colour or a pattern.

A large bed sitting in a living room

It’s not just a new duvet cover and some sheets that fall into this category – when did you last replace your duvet or pillows? Personally, I love big fluffy pillows and seeing these all plumped up and sitting pretty on a freshly made bed can make snuggling down to read a book or watching an episode or two of your favourite TV show a bit more appealing.

Soft Furnishings

Like you would in your living room, the addition of some soft furnishings can add a touch of warmth and snuggle factor to a bed. Adding a cosy throw, a bedspread to compliment your duvet cover or some contrasting cushions can soft up white bed linen as well as provide extra support and comfort when you are chilling out on your bed after a hard days work.

A chair sitting in front of a window

Try not to go overboard though as popping half a dozen cushions and a throw back on your bed each morning will soon become a chore and you’ll end up hiding your new soft furnishings in the wardrobe. A simple throw with one or two cushions will do the trick.


Having the right lighting can make a big difference in any room and your bedroom is no different. Whether you are simply updating your old bedside lamp to something more in keeping with your current decor or you are looking for something a little more practical to ensure you have enough light to read a book before bed, choosing the perfect bedside lamp is an important decision. 

A vase of flowers on a table

When looking at bedside lamps you need to think about whether you want the tradition small lamp that sits on the table next to you or whether a floor standing lamp would offer you a more useable light in order to read, watch TV etc without having to have the large ceiling light on.

When did you last give your bed a makeover?

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