A bed with a blue blanket

4 styling tips to create the perfect guest bedroom

October 22, 2015

Knowing how to prepare a room fit for a visitor can be a challenge. However, you don’t need to be an expert in design to make a them feel at home in your humble abode.

Read these four simple tips to create the perfect guest bedroom…

Perfect the bed

As a host, the comfort of your new resident should be your top priority. You’ll want to focus on making their sleeping quarters warm and welcoming while also maintaining an element of sophistication. To achieve this, you may want to dress the bed with some stylish, soft furnishings. For example, investing in a high quality duvet cover with matching pillow cases is a guaranteed way to turn any guest bedroom into a cosy yet elegant boudoir. Don’t forget to make your bedding season-appropriate.

According to interior design specialists Julian Charles, you should choose a tog between 3.0 and 4.5 for summer and one between 13.5 and 15 for winter. Additionally, you could keep a fluffy blanket at the end of the bed in case your visitor feels chilly during the night.

A bed with a blue blanket

Light it up

So that your guest doesn’t have to stumble around in the unfamiliar darkness that is your spare room, it’s vital to ensure your lighting situation is up to scratch. Apart from being able to illuminate the room as a whole, it might be an idea to also include a lamp on a bedside table or desk for when your visitor is tucked up in bed. You could even entwine some pretty fairy lights around the headboard to create an extra cosy feel.

Space to hang

Providing your guest with space to hang their clothes is a must. If the room will let you, you could invest in a spacious wardrobe. However, if you find your space is limited, you could simply attach some hooks to the back of the door. Giving your visitor the opportunity to unpack their belongings will help them settle into their new surroundings.

Simple basics

Whether it’s an alarm clock or a box of tissues on the bedside table, it’s the simple basics that will make your guest feel right at home. From a spare toothbrush to a fresh set of towels, your visitor will be sure to appreciate your consideration of the finer details. Why not lay out a selection of complimentary essentials on a stylish tray? It could be an assortment of toiletries or simply a notepad and pen.

By following these simple suggestions, you should be able to put together the perfect space for your house guests.

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