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Benefits of Parapet Clamping Railing From Edge Fall Protection

February 26, 2020

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Keeping any properties roof’s edge safe is crucial. Whether you need to ensure customers’ safety, your employees’ safety, or both, there are certain areas the roof should be one area that isn’t overlooked. OSHA will review commercial properties and provide recommendations that a business might be failing at and need to change. A major concern is with open areas and the chance for falling. 

Falling is not only a risk of injury but can also mean a lawsuit for businesses. For a roof’s edge, the ideal choice is a guardrail system. Edge Fall Protection offers OSHA-approved products, for parapet solutions found here are ideal in a variety of situations. Take a look at some of the great benefits of choosing a guardrail system that requires no penetration but the quality needed to keep your property safe.

Prevents Injuries, Maybe Even Death

Let’s say your company was having roofing services performed. This could be either a repair or replacement roof. Without added protection, accidents could happen. It is estimated that 50 roofers die each year from falling off roofs. While that isn’t a huge number, given the number of roofing jobs completed, you have to ask yourself, is it worth the risk? With parapet clamping railing, you can quickly make the roof of your building safe, and eliminate the possibility of injury or death. For situations like roofing repairs, Edge Fall Protection’s parapet clamp railing is perfect as it can be used as a permanent or temporary structure. 

Non-Penetrating Design

One aspect many companies face is not being able to apply permanent structures, like a railing system to the building. These would include those company’s that are renting their commercial space. OSHA doesn’t care if you own or rent, safety standards are a must. 

Parapet clamping rails are designed to be portable, and more importantly, removable. These are well suited for temporary use or as a cost-effective, permanent solution. As a non-penetrating apparatus, the railing ‘clamps’ to the edge of the roof, creating a barrier and warning of the drop-off.

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Adjustable sizing

Not all roofs are the same size. Trying to fit railing without an adjustable feature can be a pain. But with Edge Fall Protection and their parapet clamping rail system, the rails are entirely flexible. Again, this is an excellent cost-saving feature that eliminates the headache of having to order custom sizes.

 Heavy-Duty Clamps and OSHA Compliance

Anyone that has had to deal with OSHA knows how particular they can be. They will look at everything to ensure a workplace is upholding the safety standards needed for operation. Edge Fall Protection’s parapet clamping railing exceeds those expectations with their heavy-duty design using zinc plated clamps, and high-end materials. 

CustomiSZation is Available

Some businesses would like to keep their buildings looking a certain way while respecting the need for safety and protection for their workers or customers. For example, a rooftop restaurant, may not like the look of flashy yellow rails, and would instead opt for something sleeker and more modern like a flat black. With the customization features like powder-coating, galvanized, or a broad color palette of options, the customer is free to choose a look that fits their needs, style, and budget. 

Easy Installation

Many roof railing systems might not work for a company’s needs. Whether it is too difficult to get to the roof, or there is a tenting of the roof membrane, the parapet clamping railing system doesn’t encounter these issues, providing an excellent solution. With the ease of installation, it can be put in almost any scenario. Clamps weigh less than 20 lbs, making them easy to transport, and railings weight no more than 28 pounds.


When choosing a roofing rail system for your commercial property, consider the quality of materials in addition to meeting your short and long term needs. The system provided by Edge Fall Protection is great for temporary protection as well as permanent. The parapet railing system can go almost anywhere and is much more versatile to other methods while maintaining OSHA standards. 

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