Predicted Hot Design Trends for 2021

February 11, 2021

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Although the Covid-19 pandemic is still making its way through the world’s population and lockdown policies are in place, many people are using the time to get jobs around the home and garden done and dusted. Interior design experts have also managed to predict their trends for the new year and there are some surprises with rational explanations.

The use of colour in our homes has been somewhat suppressed with the power of the neutral tone which has been used almost exclusively for the past 20 years in interior design, so it’s about time that we bring some colour back into our lives as we head through a new year with new hopes.

The overall theme of 2021’s predicted design trends appear to be centred around natural materials and colours as we yearn for the great outdoors once again and with the spring coming up and lockdown still active, we might just need to bring the outside inside.

predicted design trends for 2021

  • Earthy 
  • Ocean 
  • Nature
  • Rustic

Earthy tones are widely tipped to be making a return while the colors of the ocean may no longer be just for the bathroom. Getting back to nature might be a while off yet so natural colors and plants are set to be big this year as a great accompaniment to rustic setups.

Predicted Hot Design Trends for 2021

Grounded and Calm 

The most predicted decor theme for 2021 is that of earthy tones. These are comprised of various shades of brown, tan, reds, yellows, greens, and some greys. The point of earth tones is that they mimic the colours of natural materials such as wood, moss, soil, and sand.

Care must be taken when using earthy tones as too much of one can be overbearing and they are best used as an accent to each other. For example, using cream as a primary colour accentuated with small amounts of tan with burnt orange as a secondary colour works well.

Their natural contrast makes them an obvious choice with wooden furniture which is also part of 2021’s predicted trends. Stores like Furniture Island are great suppliers of wooden items that go great with these tones. 

Psychologically, earth tones can convey a feeling of strength and security due to their associated connection to the strong planet and have been used by advertisers for products and brands that place an emphasis on dependability.

Tranquil and Serene

A surprise prediction for this year’s interior design is that of oceanic colours outside of the bathroom. Traditionally, ocean tones such as blue, aqua, shades of green, and purples have been used in bathrooms and spas for a long time since the presence of water accentuates the colours.

Ocean tones can be used with each other but they work very well with other tones. Whites and creams, natural colours and earth tones, used sparingly can accentuate a good ocean tone theme. Unlike earth tones, ocean tones can be applied generously and still retain their calming effects if used with polar opposite secondary colours, such as blue and white for example.

While the colour of ocean tones makes them a clear choice for bathrooms and spas, it isn’t uncommon to see such colours in bedrooms where a feeling of being cooler can help with sleep and reduce anxiety.

Although ocean tones can be associated with depression (feeling blue) they are mostly associated with a sense of calm, tranquillity, and serenity as their colours mimic that of the oceans. Blue colours, as well as green, have also been shown to increase productivity in office environments.

Predicted Hot Design Trends for 2021

Motherly and Relaxing 

Referring to the colours and tones found in nature such as light browns, greens, black and white, natural tones are currently being disguised as one of the most popular trends for 2021. As we have been stuck inside during the pandemic we all yearn to get back out into nature.

The use of these colours is not expected to be in paint form, however, like earthy and oceanic tones, but rather the use of wallpaper is said to be making a comeback. Wallpaper with natural prints are being predicted by interior designers and are expected to be used to accentuate earthy tone paints on feature walls.

If prints are not used properly then they can be very imposing on a room, therefore care must be taken when choosing a print with a geometric or natural print. Should a room be painted with a dark colour then a green print on a cream background would be best and should a room be painted with a cream colour then the print should be reversed.

The psychological association with nature print wallpapers is pretty obvious but not all people might like this kind of design in the living room. Perhaps an office or relaxation room might be best suited for this type of design; somewhere that you can relax with the sounds of nature, maybe?

Eclectic and Homey

An eclectic mix of colours, rustic tones come in various shades from light creams and yellows to strong reds, browns, tans, and creams. Best thought of as a mix of earthy and natural tones, the rustic style can look amazing when paired with the right furniture and items.

Rustic colours can be used as sparingly or as liberally as you like but a primary colour should be decided upon and accented with a lighter or darker secondary rustic colour depending upon whichever you choose. One of the most common combinations for the rustic style is reds and browns of varying shades. 

The design styles that work best with rustic tones and colours are traditional cottage and shabby chic and work best when used to accentuate the original and natural features of a room such as wooden beams, window frames, and original flooring.

The mix of all-natural rustic colours as well as their association with the traditional means that they can be used to great effect to evoke feelings of home, acceptance, and comfort. When used properly, rustic designs can be used in any room, provided care has been taken to match the colours and tones with any features and furniture present.

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