7 Fun ways you can enjoy sleepovers all year round

November 17, 2021

When you are younger, there are many things that can feel exciting to you. The prospect of heading to school, a day out with the family, or even a sneaky day off with your mum or dad. However, I have to say that there is nothing quite as exciting as a sleepover when you are a child. The chance to sleep somewhere apart from your bed just has a feel of mystery to it. You don’t even need to leave your home to raise the excitement levels and it can often be something that, as a parent, you can organise quite easily. 

However, a sleepover can be many things for your child, and having the right things to add to the enjoyment is essential. For starters, a good sleeping back such as the Night Owl 3-in-1 sleeping bag is a great option to consider. A sleepover usually requires snacks and drinks, if you are hosting it that is, or a decent overnight bag or case so that your child has all of the essentials. If you were hoping for some inspiration for sleepovers, then I have you covered. Here are some of the best sleepover ideas that your child or children will love. 

Camping in the Garden

One of the first things to mention is camping in the garden. A camping trip is right up there with raised excitement levels anyway, but obviously, you can’t always head away camping at a drop of a hat. But you can set up a tent in the garden and allow the kids to sleep in it at night. They just need their sleeping bag and a few comfortable additions and they are good to go. This will feel very exciting to them and although their home is just a stone’s throw away it won’t feel like that to them. 

Setting up camp in the living room

Sometimes a change of scenery is all that is needed to get excited so a sleepover in the living room can provide such entertainment. A chance to watch TV and camp out can be exciting. Again all that is needed is a sleeping bag as well using some of the sofa cushions and blankets and you will have very happy children. You could combine a sleepover in the living room with a movie marathon. 

Staying in your sibling’s bedroom 

The same idea could extend to having a sleepover in a sibling’s bedroom. This is a great idea if your children get on and can feel very exciting. They can also take it in turns to host the sleepover and have it in a different room each weekend. Again all you need is a sleeping bag and some cushions and it is done. This could be a treat on a weekend where they can watch films and enjoy some yummy snacks together. 

Heading on a school trip of Duke of Edinburgh expedition

Another option for a sleepover would be when heading away on a school trip or embarking on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition. These things usually mean at least one night away from home without parents, which will not only feel exciting for your children but also help them to learn a little independence. Along with a sleeping bag, you may need to think about an overnight bag with other essentials. A Dike of Edinburgh expedition will also require a lot more equipment as it won’t just be the sleepover that your children will be getting involved with. 

Building a den and sleeping in it 

A great thing to consider as an add-on for sleeping over in different parts of your home is to build a den or fort. A child can do this in their own bedroom and then sleep in there rather than their beds. Or they could create a den or fort in other parts of the home such as bedrooms and the living room. Making it out of blankets or cardboard. 

Going to a friend or relatives house

A sleepover can be as simple as going to a friend’s or relative’s house. You may be with your child or it could be something that they do themselves. Sleeping over at a friend’s house will feel really exciting and can be a great way to help them learn a little independence. They may feel more relaxed at the prospect of staying at a relative house, such as grandparents. 

Sleepovers at school

Finally, what about a sleepover at school? Some schools organise pyjama parties and sleepovers to help raise funds for the school. It isn’t as common as it might have been in the past, but it can be a fun activity to do with their friends. An overnight bag and a sleeping bag will be all that you need to enjoy something like this. 

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you think outside of the box when it comes to a sleepover.

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