Web Design Tips: 9 Ways To Create an Enviable Business Website

Web Design Tips: 9 Ways To Create an Enviable Business Website

August 10, 2021


In today’s world, it is possible to connect 24/7 with the people and businesses you love. One of the great ways to do this is through your business website, which allows you to make an impression on potential customers without being physically present. With these nine tips, you can create a professional-looking business website that will help generate more revenue for your company.

Clear Navigation

Clear navigation is key in any website. It should be easy to find the information you are looking for because it’s not always possible to scroll through a page and hope something appears that you need. So, having menus at the top of your site can help visitors navigate quickly without being overwhelmed with an entire page full of links. 

You may also want to include sub-menu items within these main categories if there are many pages on your site. This way, people who know what they’re looking for won’t have to spend time searching around aimlessly or scrolling endlessly on a webpage.

One way you can add clarity when designing your site is by including separate menu items. This consists of a contact page and a video gallery.

It’s also important to keep navigation consistent throughout the entire site because people will find what they need much quicker when there is consistency across all design aspects. 

Make sure you include both vertical and horizontal menus and occasional content links in relevant items such as current deals or blog posts about related subjects that are coming soon. 

Keep the Website Up To Date

Looking at a website for the first time can tell you a lot about its maintenance. If updates are few and far between, visitors will get an impression of apathy from your business – that you don’t care enough to keep your site up-to-date or interact with customers.

A frequently updated business website is more likely to attract new customers and keep old ones satisfied. When a customer visits your website, they should be able to see that you’re responsive and invested in doing business online. 

An excellent up to date tool for online business is chat for website, which allows you to respond to your customers on time even when you’re not physically around. Other updates include Google maps to your office and social media widgets.

Web Design Tips: 9 Ways To Create an Enviable Business Website

Use Conversational English

Designing a business website can be challenging. There are many considerations, including colour choice and the type of content you’ll want on your site. One key consideration is whether or not to include conversational English in your web design. Conversational English, also known as “plain language,” is a way of writing that uses everyday words and phrases.

Some people feel that conversational language makes your website sound unprofessional or like you don’t have much to say. In reality, the opposite is true: using plain language helps readers understand what you’re trying to express more quickly than if they had read something full of jargon and buzzwords. 

It’s easier for them to comprehend in an instant what it means when you use common speech patterns instead of industry-specific terminology. In other words, it boils down to this: to help readers understand what your site has to offer, speak at their level!

When designing your business website, a conversational approach is likely the best way to go. It’s a good idea to use common words and phrases that your readers will know without looking up every word. This is also helpful if you’re not a native English speaker, as it allows for less potential confusion or difficulty in understanding the text on your site.

Provide All the Relevant Information

If you want your website to perform, it’s essential to give visitors a reason to visit and stay on your website. Therefore, providing relevant information to them and making it easy for visitors to access it is critical. In addition, relevant information helps visitors understand what your company does and the services you offer.

An excellent place to start would be with an overview of who you are and what you do. Whether they’re visiting your site for general interest or because they need something – most people have some idea about why they’re there but may not remember specifics like names or descriptions from their last visit. So provide them with this information up front rather than make them hunt for it later when they might lose interest.

Provide visitors with an overview of what your company does, put a concise description at the top of the homepage that highlights your core offerings or products and links to more detailed pages. Visitors should see how you can help them quickly without going through all your content to find out this information.

Leave Out the Hype

The first thing to remember is that your business website should reflect who you are and the type of business or organisation. It may sound cliché, but it’s true. Do not try to create something generic and then market the site with hype. You’ll only look dishonest, and people won’t take you seriously because they know what marketing tactics look like when they see them. Hype and empty promises are not suitable for your business.

Web Design Tips: 9 Ways To Create an Enviable Business Website

Create Unique Landing Pages for Various Products

When looking to create a website that stands out, it is essential to have the different pages of your site represent what you want them to. It all comes down to finding the right balance between making an accessible but appealing design for new users and those who know exactly where they’re going on your site.

This means having catchy headlines and strong calls-to-action along with properly explaining each page’s content. In addition, make it easy to share content on social media with buttons at the end or side of each page. This will increase your visibility across networks, leading to greater traffic and more followers from other like-minded people.

Finally, create unique landing pages by introducing different colours when needed. The idea is to remind visitors what they can expect next to know where to click accordingly.

Let Pictures Help Your Story

A lot of people assume that web design is all about pixels, screens, and other technical details. But the best business websites are more than just a pretty face: they tell stories. That’s where photography comes in – it can help you get your message across with less text, making for an easier-to-navigate website and content that’s much more engaging to read.

Do you have a compelling story to tell? Maybe your company is nearing its 100th birthday, or maybe there’s an inspirational quote from one of the founders that encapsulates what your business stands for. Tell this story with pictures and captions in strategic spots throughout your site. It’ll make people want to know more about who you are and why they should do business with you.

Make It Easy for Visitors To Contact You

This is an area where many businesses fail. People want to know how they can contact you and make it as easy as possible. People mustn’t have to go through a convoluted process of filling out forms or clicking on links just to get in touch with someone at your company. As the saying goes, “no pain, no gain.” It may not be worth it for visitors if there’s difficulty getting past all the barriers before they can find what they’re looking for

For this reason, consider placing phone numbers prominently so that everyone has access to them. In addition, include email addresses and any other direct line communications so that everyone can quickly get in touch with your company. This is especially important when downtime means missing sales opportunities – which could be disastrous for business!

Include a Call to Action on Every Page

A call to action is a button on your site that directs the visitor to perform an activity, such as “contact us” or “sign up”. While it might seem like this would be easy enough to add at first glance, any company with a bit of experience knows how time-consuming and complicated these can get. There are many variables that go into a call to action, including the button’s placement and what it says.

Place the button in a prominent location where customers will notice it. If your visitor scrolls and finds nothing but ads when they reach the bottom of your business website, then chances are you’ve failed to make your call to action clear enough.

A good placement for a call to action is just above or below a critical section on the page. It will have high exposure and ensure that the visitor won’t accidentally miss out on your desired action.

Web Design Tips: 9 Ways To Create an Enviable Business Website


A successful business website can make your company look more credible and generate a higher level of trust among potential customers. This is why it’s so important to consider the design aspects of your site when you set out on this endeavour because they will have a lasting impact on how people perceive your business. Therefore, it’s vital that you have a strategy in place before you start designing your business website and execute it accordingly.

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