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All the ways to create feature walls in your home: Revealed

March 31, 2022

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When it comes to designing a room, you can often wonder how you can add a little drama to the space. Often, rooms that you use regularly can feel a little bland when it comes to decoration, but one way to add a bit of zest and fun to a room is to consider a feature wall. Many people look to add a feature wall in their homes but did you know that there are different ways to do it? I wanted to share with you all of the ways to create feature walls in your home.

10 ways to create feature walls in your home 

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A darker shade 

One of the most common ways to create a feature wall in a room is to use a dark shade. A dark and rich colour is eye-catching and can be a great way to make a feature out of any wall in a room. Feature walls usually can be found in living rooms and bedrooms where a large piece of furniture would usually sit in front. A dark colour is a great option as that can be contrasting to the furniture that you have in your home.

You can choose a dark colour that is a darker tone than the rest of the walls. For example, a dark grey feature wall with a light pastel shade of grey on the other walls. This is one of the most common feature walls that you will find in homes and is an easy option to create a definition with your design. 

A different colour

If you want something similar to the above where you paint a wall but want something a little more out there and unique, then try a completely different colour as a feature. For example, you could do a feature wall out of dark emerald green and then have the other walls painted yellow. Green and yellow are two colours that work well but can be contrasting as well. Figure out a colour combination that will work and then choose the darker shade as the feature wall. 


Another common feature wall that can be seen in many homes is using wallpaper as the feature on one wall. The wallpaper could be textured, patterned, subtle, or bold. But then for the other walls, you may want to pick a colour out of the wallpaper that you can then use elsewhere. This helps bring the wallpaper into the design with other elements in your room. If your wallpaper has a few different colours within it, you can then add tones of that colour not just on the walls but in soft furnishings as well. Wallpaper in unique designs can be a great way to create a feature. 

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A wall mural 

A feature wall that is perfect for children and bedrooms is a wall mural. This is usually a painted picture that follows a theme. You can do it yourself if you are creative or hire someone to do it for you. These are magical and are perfect to bring any theme to life. They can be pricey, but they are worth the investment. 


Panelling has grown in popularity recently. Once reserved for more period homes, panelling can work well in a modern home as well, making it an option for almost everyone. You can create panelling yourself with MDF and you can follow different patterns. You can panel a whole wall, or panel halfway and do the whole room. You can paint them a different colour so that they stand out, or the same colour so that the feature is a bit more subtle. Panelling can work well in living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. 

A photo wall 

If you were hoping to create a feature wall without colour, paint, or wallpaper then a great way to do that is through photographs. Many people have created some amazing features by using photos in frames and creating a gallery wall instead. You can use a mixture of small and larger prints and then configure them in a different way to create a feature. You could uniform the frames and even stick with black and white prints. There are so many different ideas you will find some excellent inspiration searching on social media. 

Use artwork 

In the same way, as you would use photographs you could do a similar thing out of artwork. It gives a different look but can be a huge talking point, especially in living areas. You could stick with the same artist so that there is some consistency or choose different pieces that you love. Again stick with different sizes to create something that looks a bit different. 

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Tapestries are also a great way to create a feature wall. The use of texture and materials is often one that isn’t utilised enough. But doing so not only creates an incredible feature for a room, but it can help to make that room feel cosy and warmer. This is especially a good option for larger rooms. 


If you want to create a unique feature wall then using bricks can be a great option. You don’t need to take any space from your home as you can buy brick slips that are thinner. They work really well on a feature wall, especially in larger rooms, and can make a room feel like a farmhouse and cosy. It works even better if you are creating a feature wall with a fireplace. 


Finally, much like bricks, tiles are also a great option to consider when looking to create a feature wall. You can add different tiles from shiny white gloss and subway effect to a split face tile that will give the wall definition. Again this sort of feature wall would work well with a larger room, or even in other places like utilities and kitchens. Tiles are a little difficult to apply to a wall like brick slips would be, so you may want to ask a professional to help you do it. 

Hopefully, these ideas will have you creating beautiful feature walls in your home. 

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