Dear Tigger – The possible pneumonia edition

October 22, 2014

Dear Tigger

My poorly boy, what a time of it you have had – How do you manage to take a downturn so quickly?

It all started with an eye infection 10 days ago which saw us attend the out of hours doctor for some eye ointment – All credit to the doctor who put you at ease d to keep you entertained whilst he looked at your swollen eye. For the next week you endured the ointment twice a day even though you’d give me the meanest look afterwards.

Friday saw you wake up with the other eye all swollen, so after speaking with one of our GP’s you were switched to eye drops – every two hours. Not a fun task but somehow we managed to get through the weekend and both eyes looked so much better.

Over the weekend you weren’t your usual self, getting a little irritated quicker than usual, wanting to just be left alone until you were ready to chat or play. I thought nothing of it and sent you to pre-school on Monday. However you came home coughing, nothing out of the ordinary but it managed to disturb your sleep waking five times throughout the night.

Daddy got you out of bed yesterday morning as Mummy had been up to you in the night. Coughing so much you managed to make yourself be sick but I thought you’d be ok and got you dressed for pre-school. It was just as I was popping your shoes on that you were sick twice more but without the coughing fit – somehow you managed to completely miss your uniform.

Realising you were too poorly to send to school we dropped Roo off at junior school and headed home. Listening to you in the car of the drive home I could hear that your breathing wasn’t right. Grunting and fighting for each breath I decided to get you checked out by our family GP – I do love our GP and hope that Roo fulfils her dream of becoming a doctor just like him.

An assessment by the GP and looking at him I could guess what he was going to say, a trip to the local hospital. However I thought for maybe a chest x-ray to see how bad your chest infection was however a call to the paediatrician was made – referral for possible pneumonia.

With Daddy in Cambridge, Roo at school and me needing to take you to the hospital it was like organising a military mission. A call to Daddy to ask him to get an earlier train, a call to Roo’s best friend’s Mum to collect her from school, a call to the school to notify them who would be collecting Roo all before I left the doctor’s car park.

Tigger - possible pneumonia

Initial assessment by the registrar was crackling in your lungs but the consultant could hear wheezing too. You were started on hourly inhalers which I cannot begin to tell you how proud I was of you listening to the nurse and taking the deep breaths needed. This was followed by some steroids which didn’t go quite as well, bless your heart you saw this pink medicine coming towards you and were fooled into thinking it was Calpol – one taste and you realised it wasn’t pink medicine as you know it.

After five doses of the inhalers you were stretched to two hourly. Mummy naively asked the nurse whether we would be going home before bed – No, you needed to be four hourly between inhalers before you could go home.

Tigger - sleeping in hospital

You were such a superstar overnight, taking your inhalers whilst half asleep. You managed to sleep though the constant crying baby, the coughing of the other children with chest infections and the late night admissions to the ward. Mummy on the other hand didn’t sleep a wink but watching you sleeping un-fazed by it all made me love you just that little bit more.

Today was a long day waiting for them to stretch out your inhalers to four hourly so we could take you home, you finally reached that target and were told the good new.

We’re finally home after an exhausting 32 hours.

Love you Mummy xox

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