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Dear Boo – Five things I wish you’d known at 16

October 21, 2014

Dear Boo, age 16

It is only when you look back on your life that you can see whether the choices you made and the paths that you followed were in fact the correct ones.

Five things I wish you’d known at 16…

The crazy gypsy lady

During a walk down the seafront with Mum what appears to be a crazy gypsy lady stops you both to predict your future. Listen to hear wise words and remember them, she was right about your exams ans if you managed good results without trying imagine what you could have achieved if you applied yourself better. Visit The Circle.com to see what else you could have achieved had you listened to that crazy gypsy lady.

Education vs getting a job

Getting an education that will open doors for you in the future is worth so much more than getting a job now that requires no qualifications, no skills and no prospects. Stick with your chosen college course, if you choose not to di anything with the qualification afterwards then that’s fine but at least you have stuck around and gained a qualification.

It’s good to talk

Just because you have left school and you’re all grown up at the grand age of 16 your Mum still worries about you, she wants to know where you are and that you are safe, she wants to know who you are with and she wants to know what time you’ll be home – As BT say… it’s good to talk so call her!

BT - Its good to talk

You are not as fat as you imagine

Listen to the words of the ever so wise Baz Luhrmann, Everyone’s free to wear sunscreen. Those words might not mean much to you at the moment but replay that song at least once a year an you will start to understand the true importance of the song and that you truly are not as fat as you imagine!

Friendship is worth more than money and boys

After leaving school you might think that those people you spent the last few years of your life will be your friends forever -sadly no. The one who survive this change are the ones worth fighting for, the ones who will be in your corner no matter what. True friendship is worth more than money and boys so keep that in mind when you’re too busy to catch up or you’d rather spend time with your latest beau than watch a click flick with your bestie.

It’s never too late to realise that maybe different choices would have led you on different paths.

Take care of yourself

Boo, age 31 29 forever xox

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