You just know when your child is ill

March 9, 2012

Poor Tigger has had a rough few weeks. Firstly he got an ear infection at the beginning of February. Then came the chicken pox followed by a throat infection. Now he has his latest bout of illness but this time it’s not been straight forward.

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On Tuesday Tigger had a little bit of a cough but thought nothing of it. However he had eaten much all day and I put this down to the fact we had been travelling most of the day and we not in our usual routine. Once we got home he vomiting his bedtime milk and seemed a little out of sorts. He was up most the night, wriggling and getting agitated.

On Wednesday I sent him to nursery as usual as I had to go to work. Around 10.30am I received a call from Tigger’s nursery informing me that he had had two loose nappies. I was hesitant to go and collect him as his bowel movements are never solid (so to speak). I asked them to see how he was after his dinner and if he had another one I would come collect him.

Just after 12.00pm I received another call from the nursery, this time he had woken from his nap and he had a temperature and refusing to eat. So I had to leave work early and go collect him. When I got there he really didn’t look right so contacted my GP practice to see the duty doctor. Luckily for us duty doctor was our family doctor so Tigger was at ease with him whilst he was being examined. Our doctor seemed to think that he might have a chest infection coming so wanted a second opinion from our local hospital.

We ended up spending a little over 5 hours in hospital before I got so annoyed and self discharged. In the total time we were there they took his observations, doctor had a quick look and left me with a bottle of Diarolyte and a syringe with the instructions of 5mls every 5 minutes, easier said than done when your child doesn’t want anything. However I tried as best as I could and he did take a fair bit. Now the reason I self discharged is because this is all they did, he had a temp of 38.7 but no calpol was given, doctor had said his tonsils were inflamed but no antibiotics. I can give Diatolyte at home!

He still wasn’t right on Thursday so back to the GP practice to see another doctor who seemed to think  it was just a viral thing and it would run its course and he should be on the mend in a few days.

Thinking it was just a viral thing I sent Tigger back to nursery today. At 1.00pm I received a call from the nursery stating that Tigger’s temperatire was 39 and climbing. I tried the GP practice but they couldn’t fit me in for 3 hours, so I had to grit my teeth and take him back to my local hospital.

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We were seen right away and whilst the nurses was taking him observations she mentioned that the doctor was trying to see if we could go back up to the children’s ward where we had been the other night. I explained that if they were sending me up there they better do something for Tigger or I was off to another hospital. The nurses seemed to understand and spoke to the doctor. Thankfully they kept me in A&E.

Tigger was given some pain relief and examined by the doctor who diagnosed him with a upper respiratory tract infection and would need antibiotics. If  Tigger’s temperature came down with the medication then we could go home but if not they would need to think of another plan of action. Thankfully Tigger’s temperature came down and we were discharged.

So we are now home, Tigger is so unhappy and agitated. He keeps dozing then waking up screaming, I feel so sorry for him.

I can’t help thinking that if they had started him on something on Wed we wouldn’t be in this situation now where Tigger is in even more pain and discomfort.

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