Remember, remember the fifth of November

With Roo celebrating her birthday on the fifth of November there is little chance of us forgetting Remember, remember the fifth of November.

Roo actually quite likes the fact that the nation comes together on her birthday and celebrates with fireworks. Even though she has learned about Guy Fawkes at school there is a part of her that believes the fireworks are for her – I don’t have the heart to tell her any different.

Last year we started a new tradition by visiting Drayton Manor – the home of Thomas Land on one of their fireworks spectacular days which happily co-inside with Roo’s and Tigger’s birthdays. The fireworks display was truly amazing and can only imagine how many fireworks they ordered from Fireworks Direct (supplier to Drayton Manor).

If you are thinking of hosting your own fireworks spectacular then there are some fireworks safety tips you need to be aware of…

Firework Safety

Are you planning on hosting a fireworks spectacular or attending an organised event?

Disclosure: We received a display case from Fireworks Direct for sharing some fireworks safety tips.


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