How to help your child get prepared for their exams

How to help your child get prepared for their exams

October 21, 2022

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Exams are always a worrying time. Not just for students but also for parents as well. Exams can create anxiety where your children can panic about what is expected of them, how well they are going to do, and also the preparation side of things.

As a parent, you only want what is best for your child. You want to be able to help them prepare, and feel confident as they approach their exams and during the tests. But what can you do? Often the best thing to do is to start early. Exams can take place in the middle or towards the end of the school year, so starting with a revision plan from the beginning can help your child to get into a routine.

I wanted to share with you some of the top tips to help with their organisation with the help of Desenio a Scanvanian wall art company that specialises in affordable Scandi wall art. As well as helping with their revision needs and putting plans in place to help them prepare for any upcoming exams. 

Monthly planners to schedule revision time

Planners can be a great way to help a child see what they have coming up. This is especially beneficial if they are a visual person as they can see when they plan to revise and what subjects they may want to spend time focusing on. You can pick up some great monthly planner prints from Desenio that can help you to encourage them to be more organised. If they prefer a weekly overview or even writing lists there are also plenty of things that you can buy online that will help them get sorted. 

How to help your child get prepared for their exams - Monthly Planner

Create a revision space 

Another great way to help them feel inspired is to look at creating a revision space. This might be a desk or corner of their bedroom or a spare office or space in your home where it is quiet and with space for them to work, write, or do research. A great tip is to add some prints on the wall that can promote a calm feeling. If their revision will take place in their bedroom then it could be the ideal time to make some interior changes with a focus on creating a calm and relaxing space to help them focus and concentrate. 

Encourage your child to create an inspiring space

If you want to get your child involved in creating an inspiring space then this can be a great motivator to help them get motivated and to enjoy the revisions process. You could suggest that they add things to the wall that are particularly inspiring or motivating for them. You could consider a wall collage kit to help them get started with that. You could also encourage them to add quotes, and have a monthly or weekly planner to help them stay organised and motivated throughout the revision time. You could encourage them to use the gallery wall tool to help them visualise how things will look. 

With new prints released monthly, you can easily add or change up their inspiration gallery wall to keep them motivated and encouraged throughout their revision schedule. If you aren’t feeling confident in designing a gallery wall they have a selection of pre-made gallery walls of all sizes here.

How to help your child get prepared for their exams

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Help them determine where more focus is needed

We all know that our children have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to particular subjects. They may be stronger with English than Maths, or perhaps have an eye for detail and numbers. So there may be subjects that you know will need a little more attention to help them feel confident when the exam approaches. Sit down with your child and discuss with them the subjects or particular areas they know they might be struggling with. Your child will be in the best position to identify where they need some extra focus, and you can help them to ensure that they concentrate on those subjects and allow more revision time for the areas where it is needed. 

It isn’t always about study time

There are many ways you can help a child revise aside from making notes or reading textbooks. You might be able to identify museums or galleries that will have exhibitions specific to areas your child might be tested on. There may be books they can read, audiobooks they can listen to, or even documentaries or YouTube videos they can watch. There is so much more available to help your child so make sure they mix things up as sometimes you can remember information more when it is learned in a different way. 

How to help your child get prepared for their exams

Schedule rest days 

There is only so much revision you can do, and sometimes it can be counterproductive if they are tired and not taking in information. It is important to make them aware that rest days and breaks are just as important. They can plan the days they can revise and the days when they will have a break. Encourage them to do something they enjoy like a hobby or see their friends on those days. 

Stay positive

Finally, getting organised and motivated is great, but it is also important to stay positive. There may be times when your child doesn’t want to revise or is feeling frustrated. It is up to you to stay positive and help them get back on track. 

I hope these tips will help you get your child prepared and organised with revision for their exams. 

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