The Educational Benefits of Minecraft

September 19, 2019

Minecraft is a game that many kids, as well as adults, have started to enjoy playing. You can play this game alone, with multiple players or online with people from all over the world. Minecraft is also available on many different game consoles as well as the computer. If you’re worried about your kids playing too much Minecraft, I can understand that, but at the end of the day, there are some educational benefits of this video game that many parents don’t realise.

Some UK Schools Use It

Some UK schools have started to use Minecraft in the classroom. Yes, it’s true! Many classrooms across the UK have noticed that there are many educational benefits of Minecraft and have decided to use it in their curriculum. This video game teaches a lot of skills in such a fun way that UK schools, as well as other schools around the world, have decided to use it to help kids learn much-needed skills during their school days.

Teaches Problem Solving Skills

It’s not easy to teach a child how to develop good problem-solving skills without using hands-on techniques. Minecraft provides kids with the ability to solve problems in the survival mode option of this game. During Minecraft survival mode children must learn how to fight off mobs, build shelter, mine to survive and make tools as well as many other problems that arise as a means to learn how to survive as a character in Minecraft.

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Encourages Creativity

Minecraft can be played in survival mode or creative mode. With the PC version being the easiest to use for expanding creativity, the reality is that all game versions of Minecraft help children develop good creative skills. Minecraft allows children to create their own skins, build extensive homes in a model that reminds us of LEGO, and use their creative skills to build a shelter during survival mode.

Enhances Reading & Writing Skills

When you think about a video game you probably don’t think about the ability to have said game enhance reading and writing skills, but Minecraft does offer this educational benefit. As children start to play this video game and want to expand their skills, they’ll have to learn how to read the tutorials on how to build a garden, shelter, and mine the appropriate items in Minecraft to survive. Children will also have to learn how to write as they develop their own code to survive in this educational game.

Teaches How to Manage Resources

Lastly, one of the educational benefits of Minecraft is that it teaches children to manage resources. Within the survival mode gameplay, children have to learn how to mine as well as a garden as a means to survive. This helps give children a concept of real-world use of our resources. Children who pay survival mode in Minecraft will start to gain high levels of comprehension of managing resources as a means to survive and this educational gameplay will help them manage resources in the real world later in life.

There you have it, just some of the educational benefits of Minecraft that will help you understand why your children should have some gameplay daily with this popular video game. Minecraft has been able to create a fun, hands-on way to help children learn about the world around them in a fun environment.

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