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OSMO Genius Starter Kit

December 6, 2019

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Osmo combines digital fun with hands-on learning with its Genius Starter Kit, compatible with iPads. Ideal for 6-10 year-olds, each of the five games included in the Genius Starter Kit promotes problem-solving alongside maths and spelling skills. 

Our children live in the digital age, with access to an array of technologies both at school and at home. Whilst this access is still debated by many as to whether or not they should be accessing technology on a regular. Personally, I don’t have any concerns about my children having access to technology, however, it is the type of content that they are accessing that concerns me more.

Although passive use of technology can have its benefits, especially when one of the children are ill and they want to watch endless episodes of their favourite TV programme (don’t we all want to do this when we are ill?). Active technology use, however, can be a big benefit to them not just as a form of entertainment. But as a form of learning through play, which is always a great way to keep them engaged in a subject.

Whether you are looking to boost their knowledge in a particular area, tick off homework tasks or just letting them have fun whilst engaging their brain cells, the Osmo Genius Starter Kit is a great addition to their technology resources.

A person sitting at a table with a laptop and smiling at the camera
Tigger with the Osmo Genius Starter Kit set up

What is The Osmo Genius Starter kit?

Osmo is an interactive children’s toy that uses innovative technology to bring physical tools into the digital world. Merging tactile play with technology, Osmo creates a hands-on learning experience combined with the digital trends we’re seeing today. Combining the use of an iPad with the Osmo base and red reflector unit with tangible play pieces to create unique hands-on learning through play experience.

What’s included in the Genius Starter Kit?

  • Osmo Base for iPad – A stand to hold the iPad at the correct angle and height, with a red reflector that slides over the iPad’s camera to create the interactive gaming area.
  • 5x Games Apps – Available to download for free via the App Store.
  • 3x Stackable Storage Units with tangible play pieces – Including 7 tangram pieces, 40 number tiles and 52 letter tiles.
A clock that is on display
Osmo Genius Start Kit box contents
A person standing in front of a box
Osmo Genius Starter Kit – Osmo base for iPad and Tangible pieces storage boxes

How does it work?

Adding an iPad into an Osmo base, with the red reflector over the device’s camera. Children can play with tangible game pieces on the table that allow them to learn and complete a range of games which challenge them to draw, code, spell, do math challenges and more. Osmo scans the table the pieces to bring each child’s creations to life on the screen.

How to set up the OSMO Genius Kit

  1. You’ll need your compatible iPad (check playosmo.com/devices for up to date information) along with access to both an email address and iTunes account.
  2. Visit https://my.playosmo.com/get/genius
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account as well as setting up a parent account so that you are able to monitor your child’s Osmo progress
  4. Once set up you are able to download the individual hands-on learning games – Numbers, Words, Tangram, Newton and Masterpiece.

Setting up the Osmo Genius Starter Kit does take a little bit of time, so might be something to complete beforehand. Then popping the Osmo base back into the box if you are giving the starter kit as a gift. Then they will be ready to go as soon as they want to,

The addition of the parent’s app is really helpful for keeping track of their usage, progress and levels. Available for iOS you are prompted during the setup process as to whether you’d like to do this – It’s well worth downloading, plus showcases additional sets that you can purchase to link in with Osmo.

A close up of a person holding a cell phone
Tigger using the Osmo Genius Numbers game
A screenshot of a video game remote control
Osmo Genius number tiles in storage box

Genius hands-on learning games

With over 500 different puzzles of different shapes and forms to create, from animals to people and numbers to words, there’s so much for your child to create and learn, and all while they have fun!

  • Numbers – Exploring and playing with maths in an open-ended environment. Placing dice tiles or numbers to pop bubbles and releasing the trapped fish.
  • Words – Guess and spell hidden words using the letter tiles. Go head to head against Osmo characters to see who can spell the word the quickest, gaining points for each correct letter found and placed in the game area.
  • Tangram – 500+ visual puzzles using wooden puzzle pieces to build challenging shapes. With each difficulty level add a new twist to the game.
  • Newton – 60+ levels of creative engineering. Guiding virtual balls with the puzzle pieces.
  • Masterpiece – Draw anything and everything! Supercharge creativity and awesome drawing skills.
A young boy using a laptop computer sitting on top of a table
Tigger utilising the Osmo Genius Tangram game

What they will learn using the Osmo Genius Starter Kit

  • Number sense and math confidence
  • Spatial sense and visual acuity
  • Reading and vocabulary
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Hand-eye coordination and self-expression
A man sitting in front of a laptop
Tigger utilising the Osmo Genius Words game

Our thoughts on the Osmo Genius Starter Kit

Tigger is very much a hands-on, interactive child. He learns so much better when he is able to get involved rather than just an endless list of questions or tasks. Opening up the Osmo Genius Kit with him in mind, the five different games allow him to focus on one particular area or flit between them depending on what he fancies completing on that day.

The three main areas that he has focused on is the numbers, words and tangram games. Each offering support and additional learning to compliment things he is completing at school. The numbers and tangram games are a fun way for him to complete is maths homework requirements, whilst the words game helps him with spellings and the quickness of being able to find and spell too.

A young boy sitting at a table looking at a laptop
Tigger getting ready to go head to head on the Osmo Genius Words game
A man using a laptop computer sitting on top of a table
Tigger going head to head with the Osmo character in the Genius Words game

Sitting next to him whilst he is playing on Osmo, I have to confess it’s hard not to get involved. I want to be involved in on the action, the flurry of activity whilst you’re searching for the correct letter when attempting to spell a word quicker than the Osmo character when playing head to head. Or the brain teaser of working out which shape fits where when completing tangram puzzles.

A wonderful kid’s technology-based resource that can be utilised throughout the primary school years (and beyond as we’ve all had a go and loved it).

Where can you buy the Osmo Starter Kits?

Alongside the Osmo Genius Starter Kit (6-10y) there are other starters sets available including the Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit (3-5y) available to buy from Osmo, Amazon and John Lewis.

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