Choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life

January 14, 2014

The mad panic of Christmas has only just left us it seems, yet there’s another holiday that’s got us stressed coming right around the corner.Valentine’s Day is generally a day aimed at the girlfriends and wives of the world – a day where we expect to be pampered and spoilt. However, how do we choose something for the men? After all, they certainly have their uses, and it’s a little unfair that we get all the glory.

Yet men are notoriously hard to buy for, especially for a holiday that is pretty much centred round flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. So we thought we’d put together a bit of a guide for choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for the special man in your life.

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Don’t be afraid to go for something soppy

…but maybe avoid over-doing it. Life sized teddy bears are all well and good, but not quite so practical or particularly appealing to the male population. (Generalising, of course – your special guy may absolutely LOVE it!). Cute yet classy key rings are a simple and sweet option, as are photo frames, personalised mugs and special engraved items.


You can always opt for something practical

If you really can’t picture handing over a mug with your face on to your other half, a practical gift that he can actually make use of is a good idea. Personalised diaries, cuff links and things to do with his hobbies can go down really well. It will also show you listen to him, which are just endless brownie points. 

Go for something really surprising

Chances are he more than likely won’t be expecting much from you, so why not surprise him with something really special? Go for something really unique or really over the top to give him a real shock. How about a romantic weekend away? Or an ‘Acre of the Moon’ gift set?

Find something to make him laugh

Gifts that will give him a smile on February 14th are a great idea, especially if you both don’t take holidays like this very seriously. Jokey presents can also consist of things that are a little on the cheeky side too, which are guaranteed to get a VERY big smile on Valentine’s Day, even if they’re bought with your tongue firmly in your cheek. 

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Arrange a nice evening in for you both

It doesn’t all have to be about the gift, and especially if money is a little tight, you could use the opportunity to be creative and show him how much you care by putting in a bit extra effort. Cook him a really nice meal and get all dressed up to add to the occasion, and put thoughts into the little details. Serving him a glass of his favourite bubbly and including his favourite dessert is sure to go down a storm, and why not finish the evening off cosy-ing up together on the sofa watching his favourite film?

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