Hama Bead Storage (Wednesday Wishlist}

At the weekend Roo and I decided to get out her Hama Beads that Santa brought her for Christmas. After making a couple of different designs I was getting a little frustrated with searching in the 10,000 Hama Beads box. So after rummaging through Mr Boo’s tool collection I managed to find a screw storage box that only had a couple of screws in there so I decided to hi-jack it so we could start sorting through and place the colours in separate sections.

It is a long task and we are by no means near the finishing line, however I don’t think the box we are using is going to be big enough or suitable long term (especially when Mr Boo realises we have *borrowed* it). So this week’s Wednesday Wishlist features the Hama Bead storage that I am looking to get for Roo.

Hama Bead Storage (Wednesday Wishlist} | Boo Roo and Tigger Too

Do you sort your Hama Beads into colours?

if so, what storage system do you use?


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