Bouncy Tunnel {#WotSoFunee}

Tigger is a huge fan of all things Thomas & Friends. Bless him he honestly believes that they are real trains with personalities etc. It is really sweet to watch him play with such innocence and intensity of friendship he has for those little trains.
Whilst sharing his love for all things Thomas & Friends we are often treated to a viewing of one of his many Thomas films. The most recent addition is Merry Christmas Thomas! which in one of the episodes Edward wants to treat Salty to the perfect present.
Thomas & Friends: Salty's Surprise | Boo Roo and Tigger Too
‘Mummy, do you want a bouncy tunnel?’
‘A bouncy tunnel!’
Oh… do you mean a ‘fancy funnel?’
‘NO! a bouncy tunnel!!’
Cue roars of laughter from Roo and Mr Boo whilst Tigger was getting increasingly annoyed that I was insisting it should be a fancy funnel.

Wot So Funee?

Boo xxx

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