Checking my hat is on straight

January 3, 2013

I can remember when I was younger, maybe 10 or 11 years old dropping my mam off  at the hospital and asking why she was going. ‘I’m checking my hat is on straight’ she answered. Cue a bemused look that came across my face, ‘what?’ I replied. It was then that she explained she was having her lady parts checked. It is an expression that has stayed with me, such a peculiar saying… must be a northern thing.

So when I arrived home yesterday and saw a familiar official envelope sitting on the mat I stood and thought… ‘surely it hasn’t been 3 years, has it?’. The cogs slowly turn and dates fly through my brain… it really has been 3 years. The letter in question, was to remind me that my smear test was now due.

So like a good girl I decided to ring the doctors and see when I could get an appointment. ‘Tomorrow at noon’ replied the receptionist… well no putting it off I suppose.

Now I’m not worried about the examination, after having two babies trust me I left my dignity at the door. It’s those niggling thoughts in the back of your mind, the what if they find something. No matter how niggly these thoughts are, they could never be as bad as the regrets of not having one and not getting a diagnosis early.

I hope that when your smear test reminder comes through that you ring, book and attend your appointment.

Boo xxx

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