Packmate storing my life better

Tigger unfortunately has the short straw in our house, he has the smallest bedroom. Little more than a box room, as you can imagine storage is a problem. 

One of my biggest niggles in Tigger’s room is how I store all his additional bedding, spare nappy packs under his cot. Everytime I walk into his room I see it straightaway and think ‘I must sort that out’ but never get round to it. So when Packmate sent me a selection of their storage solutions I knew what I wanted to sort out first.

As you see just by adding an underbed storage bag it looks totally different, less messy and more tidier. I managed to store all of Tigger’s bedding including sheets, duvet covers and blankets along with three packs of nappies and it still wasn’t full. A great practical storage solution, I must get some for under Roo’s bunk beds.

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I was sent a selection of Packmate storage solutions in order to review

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