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Huge Gardening Mistakes We All Make

November 12, 2019

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Gardening is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. What’s more, it appears to be a relatively easy job in the beginning. All you really need to do is dig a hole and use a hose, which almost anyone can. However, there are many elements of gardening that aren’t often talked about. Most people don’t realize that different plants thrive in different conditions, for example. Many gardeners prefer to learn these things the hard way. Despite all the gardening books and blogs we read, mistakes are always made. With that in mind, here are seven huge gardening mistakes you must avoid. 

1. Buying Loads Of Bulbs

When gardening centres and catalogues offer amazing deals, no self-respecting gardener can resist stocking up on bulbs. However, you must consider the number you need carefully. While bulbs promise a beautiful burst of colour when the seasons change, there are only so many you can plant. Once you’ve filled every inch of your garden with flowers, any bulbs left over are a waste of money. Rather than throw them away, give bulbs to any gardening friends you have. 

2. Choosing The Wrong Spot

Before you start digging, you must check that the spot you’ve chosen will work for the plants you intend to grow. All plants require plenty of sunlight, or they’ll struggle the entire season. Make sure you also have easy access to a water source. Dragging a hosepipe all over the garden will not only waste time but exhaust you. Some gardeners even give up on their efforts because of how much work is involved. If you don’t have a water source nearby, then look into making one.

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3. Using Too Much Water

Although plants need water to survive, too much will have a negative effect. Many new gardeners are uninformed about how much water their plants need. What makes this more complicated is that different plants require different amounts of water to thrive. If you’re unsure, then speak to an expert about your plants. You could even create a watering schedule to follow each day. When you water your plants, make sure that you give water to the roots, rather than just the leaves. 

4. Letting Weeds Grow Freely

Weeds compete with other plants for water, light, and other resources. This means that, if your garden is overrun with weeds, your plants will be suffering. While weed control is tricky to master, there are many methods you could try. Feeding birds with wild bird food from Little Peckers will encourage them to enter your garden. Once they have, they will look for other food sources, including weeds. Vinegar and other organic herbicides can be highly effective too. 

5. Having Plants Close Together

Many plants look beautiful when planted close together, especially when they match in colour. Sadly, this is a big gardening trap. All plants need their own space, which depends on how large they will grow. When you keep plants together, it means they have to compete for resources, just like they would do when surrounded by weeds. A competing plant won’t survive nearly as well as one given everything it needs to thrive. Take this into consideration when planning your planting. 

6. Planting Out Of Season

The seasons have a huge hold on plants. Although they aren’t such an issue in tropical areas, the seasons certainly pose a problem in the UK and similar places. Planting a seedling too early will leave them at the mercy of the late frosts of spring. On the other hand, if you wait too long, you could miss the chance to get healthy growth before the heat causes issues. Both summer flowers and cool season vegetables must be planted at their respective times of the year.

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7. Cutting The Grass Short

Many people make the mistake of cutting the grass too short. Otherwise known as “scalping”, this blunder will be particularly problematic in a dry spell or drought. If you know that a drought is coming, allow your grass to grow a little longer. This means that it will hold moisture better, which will help to keep the grass healthy. Remember not to water your grass during extremely warm days either. Doing so will risk scorching the blades, which will ruin your grass too. 

While gardening is an enjoyable hobby, it isn’t the easiest to pick up. Even with careful research, many new gardeners damage their plants by making huge mistakes. Hopefully, with the advice above, you can avoid doing the same and instead keep your garden healthy.

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