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Moving home | What you need to consider when hiring a van

November 11, 2019

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You have looked at what feels like 100 homes and you have finally found your dream home. You have signed the papers and now it is yours. Nothing could be better, but now you have to move. Moving is never fun even when you are moving into your dream house. There are ways to make moving easier. Consider van hire in St Helens

When you hire a van, you do not have to worry about moving carloads at a time. Vans let you load much more at a time and can make moving so much easier. 

What size will you need?

There are many types of vehicles that you can hire, including a 3.5-tonne van. This is the perfect van when you are looking for versatility and has a large capacity. It is the perfect van for big jobs like those needed for domestic and commercial and it is perfect when you are moving. 

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Moving van with tail lift

What a 3.5-tonne van offers

A van with a tail lift is ideal when you are moving. You will be loading a lot of furniture and boxes and a tail lift makes it easier to get the items into the car. The tail lifts are easy to operate and perfect when you are moving. The vans also offer a strong motor with a 2.2L engine or more and offer a spacious storage box. The inside of the area offers interior toe rails and lighter and a lightweight shutter.

The box also extends over the cab in order to give even more space for storage. These vans are perfect for moving your home, or bulky items that would not normally fit into your everyday vehicle, like a new dining table or a beautiful piano. The vans can be hired for an as-needed job or for long-term projects. 

While most moving-style vans are not known for being comfortable, this van offers a very comfortable cab with space for 2 passengers. It has a large windscreen and large mirrors to make driving easy and allows you to manoeuvre the van with ease. These vans are made to make your moving day, easy, safe and comfortable. 

don’t let moving cause you unnecessary stress

When moving into your dream home, don’t let the idea of moving and how to get it done to cause you unnecessary stress. Hire a van from PSD, a family ran business that offers car and van hire in St. Helen. With everything you need for moving, these are the perfect self-drive vehicle for your needs and make it as simple as possible. They offer everything from small and compact vehicles to luxury cars, or commercial van insurance for day-to-day jobs. 

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