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Fun ways to celebrate Easter while visiting Wyke

March 18, 2019

This is a partnership post with Wyke Dorset Cottages

Looking for a family getaway for Easter? Looking for family-friendly ways to celebrate while on holiday? Use these ideas, when visiting Wyke, for a fun way to celebrate Easter.

Celebrating Easter at home is fun, but celebrating Easter on holiday is even better. When visiting Wyke, I always recommend Wyke Dorset Cottages. The cottages are beautiful, the location is perfect and it is a wonderful addition to any vacation.

There a lot of fun ways to celebrate Easter while visiting Wyke. With just a little creativity, you can take a normal holiday and a normal celebration and make it so much more.

Top ideas for celebrating Easter whilst on holiday

A group of stuffed animals sitting next to a vase

Easter Egg Hunt on the Beach

How fun would it be to take an Easter Egg hunt to the sandy beaches. Have the kids cover their eyes, or wait off in the distance and hide the eggs. The bright color of the eggs make them easy to find on the beach, but because you can slightly cover them, it isn’t too easy.

Easter Egg Hunt at Night

If you want to have even more fun with an Easter Egg hunt, you can add the flameless candles or glow sticks to the Easter Eggs and then hide them at night. This can be done in one of the common areas or on the beach.

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Local Celebrations

Take advantage of local celebrations, you’ll be able to find these listed in the local shops and on Facebook (by searching for events in that area). You never know what you’ll find, just like the Easter Tea Party on April 12th or planned Egg Hunts, or an Eggciting Princess Easter Egg Hunt!

Decorate Eggs

If you think that the kids will miss decorating eggs while you are on holiday, think again. You can decorate eggs no matter where you are. If you don’t want to be bothered with trying to find already cooked eggs and a way to store them, try using these wooden eggs. You can have the kids use markers or paints to decorate. Plus they will be a little keepsake from your holiday.

You could also paint rocks and hide them around the local area to take part in the Dorset Rocks! Challenge.

Family Pictures on the Beach

Head out to the beach at sunrise or sunset. Lay plastic eggs or even stuffed bunnies around the area as decoration. Bring a camera or even a cell phone and set the timer. Get everyone together and smile big. Think how beautiful this will look framed on the wall when you get home.

Make memories the family will never forget when you celebrate Easter at Wyke. Take in the local attractions and bring some Easter fun to your trip as well.

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