Spring is nearly giving way to summer and that means one thing: enjoying the garden more when the sun shines! You don’t want to spend all summer getting the garden in great shape – take the chance now to make these five easy garden updates.… View Post

In the Spirit of Nature: Design Your Dream …

In the Spirit of Nature: Design Your Dream Garden with These 5 Cosy Pieces of Outdoor Furniture

Are you feeling a little cooped up? Once spring has sprung, we all think about spending more time getting fresh air. Today’s world of digital devices and constant work also finds us yearning for a natural landscape. However, this doesn’t mean that furniture is out the window. Here’s how you can enjoy your garden more often with the best outdoor furniture.… View Post

The Ultimate Lawn Care Guide for Your First …

The Ultimate Lawn Care Guide for Your First Home

So, you just moved in and you’re not sure where to start. That’s alright, it’s pretty typical to be overwhelmed by your new digs. But there is one obvious challenge to tackle first: your lawn.

The first thing your neighbors will see is your lawn. Is it brown? Green? Is the grass cut? The answers to those questions might determine what the neighborhood thinks about the rest of your property. As the focal point of your property, your grass says a lot about you. It is a window into the rest of your home. A good looking yard often times means a well-balanced house with a pride of ownership.… View Post

The Exterior Insider – A Guide to Reinventing Your …

The Exterior Insider – A Guide to Reinventing Your Outdoor Decor

Many people overlook the importance of outdoor decor in the modern design world. The interior is king, naturally, as we spend all of our time indoors when at home. However, forgetting or foregoing the outdoor is as short-sighted as it is tragic. The outside of your house is the surface seen by the world. It is what you gaze lovingly at from your back or front yard on a warm day in spring, and it is important for these reasons.… View Post

The Right Outdoor Lighting for Urban Gardens

The Right Outdoor Lighting for Urban Gardens

It is great to have a garden. For kids, having access to a private outdoor space is very beneficial. Numerous studies show that spending time outside playing is good for their physical, mental and emotional health.

So, if you have a garden it makes a lot of sense to make the most of it. Installing some outdoor lighting can really help you with this. Potentially, you and your children will be able to spend every evening in the garden. … View Post

Grow your vegetables in a polytunnel

Grow your vegetables in a polytunnel

There’s something really satisfying about growing stuff but when that “stuff” is food, it’s even moreso. Growing your own vegetables is not only satisfying but it’s also part of a really healthy lifestyle. If you’re serious about growing your own vegetables the best way to do so is a purpose made polytunnel. Polytunnels are vital in protecting your precious crops from the elements whether this is rain, snow, wind or just very low temperatures.… View Post

Garden design styles that you can use for …

Garden design styles that you can use for any sized garden

Your garden is an important part of your home. It is a place that not only your entire family can use, but it is the part of your home that can often be seen from the outside. One of the only downsides about gardens is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means that whilst some have plenty of space, others can feel a little short.

The thing to remember when it comes to your garden is that style doesn’t have to be linked to space. In fact, there are a number of garden design styles that you can choose which are ideal for a variety of gardens.… View Post

Planning Your Patio Garden

Planning Your Patio Garden

When planning a new patio it is best to consider the colour scheme beyond just the colour of the paving slabs. If you want a patio garden, then you will need containers to grow plants in. Try to be sure that you can obtain containers or planters which blend well with the colour of the slabs. For example, light brown paving slabs above may look very nice, but are not so easy to blend in naturally with surroundings, or find complementary planters for.… View Post

Increasing Your Home’s Living Space for Your …

Increasing Your Home’s Living Space for Your Growing Family

If you struggle to find enough space in your home, then you’re not alone. Many of us struggle to live comfortably within our homes, especially with a growing family. If you’ve got to the point where your home is feeling more like a storage facility and you’re struggling to enjoy family time, you may be considering your options. But if moving or carrying out major expansion work are out of the question, then what can you do to increase living space?… View Post