prepping your garden for the summer

Prepping Your Garden For the Summer

February 19, 2022

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With the weather slowly but surely improving, now is the perfect time to start prepping your garden for the summer months. Getting to work now means that you can really make the most out of your outdoor space during the warmer months of the year and there are a few tasks that you can get started with now to begin prepping your garden for the summer.

Garden Lighting

Lighting in the garden can help to create a cosy atmosphere and will allow you to spend time outside once the sun goes down. Fairy lights and festoon lighting are both popular options right now for outdoor lighting and will help to set the scene and create a space where it is easy to relax.

Garden Furniture

You also need to have comfortable garden furniture that will allow you to enjoy spending time outside when the weather permits. There are few things better in summer than firing up the BBQ and having some friends over, but you need to have seating for everyone and high-quality furniture can make all the difference. This means that you will either want to get your furniture out and give it a thorough cleaning or invest in new furniture for the garden, which should include a table so that you can relax and eat al fresco. 

prepping your garden for the summer

Clean the Deck/Patio

The winter months can take their toll on decking and patio spaces, so spring is a good time to clean these areas so that you can start to enjoy them straight away. A pressure washer can be a quick and easy way to clean a patio and deck, but just be careful not to strip any paint if you are cleaning the deck.

Get Rid of Weeds & Pests

Spring is the time that you should start getting rid of weeds and pests that can ruin your garden’s appearance during the warmer months. This will make the space look much tidier and more attractive as well as prevent the weeds from stealing nutrients from the soil that your plants need.

Plant Flowers

Speaking of plants, you should also plant flowers at this time of year to add some colour and vibrancy to the backyard. There are all kinds of different flowers and colours that you can introduce to your garden that can make the space look much nicer and make it a lovely space to spend time during the warmer months. Planting during spring will give your plants plenty of time to grow so that they are fully grown once we hit summer.

prepping your garden for the summer

These are a few of the key steps that you should take now to make the most out of your garden during the summer. These steps will spruce up your garden and allow you to really make the most out of this space during the warmer months of the year.

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