Just because you have a small garden, it does not mean that you cannot turn it into an inspiring place, and you can get lots of excellent ideas on the Good Housekeeping website to get you started. There are lots of things that you can do with a small garden to create an intimate, warm, and inviting place for you and your family to relax. The important thing is to match your garden with your lifestyle and choose something that will make you happy, and that you have the time and energy to maintain.… View Post

Tidying up the garden with the Eco Double …

Tidying up the garden with the Eco Double Wheelie Bin Cover

Let’s face it whilst wheelie bins are functional they aren’t exactly pleasing to the eye. Since they were rolled out by local councils, households up and down the country have had to find a place to store them until they are emptied each fortnight. They can be somewhat of an eyesore at the front of your property so many of us opt to have them in the back garden. This leads to the garden looking untidy so why not invest in a wheelie bin cover to hide them away plus keep them out of the way of young children and pets.… View Post