Are fly screens useful?

Are fly screens useful?

December 29, 2021

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Flying insects can be irritating, and some are health hazards when they touch food. Having fly screens shields your home and patio from insects’ intrusion.

There are three types of fly screens

  • Retractable
  • Hinged
  • Sliding fixed fly screens

Fly screen mesh may vary from polyester, aluminium, and stainless steel. The choice depends on individual preferences and the budget. Apart from using the fly screens on the windows and doors, you may also enclose your patio to keep the insects out. Fly screen also offers other benefits.

How fly screens are beneficial at home

Are fly screens useful?

Enhances home security 

The choice of the fly screen will determine the level of protection it will offer from other big intruders. When you add extra strong frames and heavy-duty netting, a fly screen can enhance home security by deterring break-ins and robberies. It is advisable to invest in high-quality fly screens to enjoy the extra benefit of home security.

Provides more privacy

A fly screen can add more privacy from nosy neighbours and passersby. Opening the doors and windows to enjoy quality time with family members and friends privately is made possible with a fly screen. Intrusion from neighbours and passersby is minimal because they cannot see you, and you also do not notice them as they fly screen shields you from the outside environment.

Boosts energy efficiency at home

Poor ventilation and temperature controls can increase the costs of home air conditioning. If you do not open doors and windows during the day in summer, the air conditioning system will run for longer hours to cool down the living space. Homeowners may consider opening the doors and windows for longer when they have fly screens because there is no risk of insect intrusion. During the cold season, the fly screens offer more insulation to keep the house warmer hence less home conditioning system use. These factors reduce your monthly utility bills significantly.

Curb appeal and adding more home style

Fly screens add more style to a home’s exterior and they are also quite useful. Homeowners preferring a gothic look should opt for the wrought iron fly screen. Those other homeowners seeking a more natural look should choose the wooden frames fly screens. Homes with aluminium siding can enhance the home style by opting for aluminium fly screens. Homeowners seeking to boost their home curb appeal can invest in high-quality and appealing fly screens to enhance the home value. Potential home buyers consider the home decor and security measures before buying a home.

Enhances the health of family members

Flies and mosquitoes are a health risk to family members as they spread diseases. Keeping them away from your home can protect you from diseases. Snakes may also crawl through open doors and windows and can be dangerous. The fly screen deters harmful insects and other intruders from your home.

Making the right choice of a fly screen influences its durability. Remember to follow the instructions on cleaning and maintenance. To enjoy peace of mind, without insects’ intrusion and distractions from the home exterior, install a high-quality fly screen on the doors, windows, and the patio. 

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