An easy way to measure children’s feet at home

April 29, 2012

Like most women I love shoes, looking at them, shopping for them, trying them on and finding the right occasion to for their debut. This being said I really do not like shopping for children’s shoes. I feel as those as soon as we step over the threshold of the shoe shop my children turn into a complete nightmare. The process of taking a ticket, waiting until you are called, getting their feet measured only to find that they have not grown and do not require new shoes.

Surely there as to be a simpler, less stressful way to do this… well now there is, introducing the fOOter from Topsy and Toesy.

A close up of a device

This durable and collapsible foot measuring device utilises the unique properties of polypropylene and living hinges.

By using the ‘fOOter’ measuring device in the comfort of your home, you can achieve an accurate measurement of your child’s foot and by combining the readings to our shoe size conversion chart, you will be able to assess the most appropriate shoe size for your child.

Its collapsible design and light-weight form, make it easy to take anywhere – weighing only 55grams and collapsing to a mere 7 1/8″ x 2 1/8″ x 3/4″. The standard fOOter is available in green and includes shoe sizing & width conversion chart imprinted in black.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The fOOter measurements are displayed in US increments – the conversion chart on our site will help you determine your childs measurements in both EU and UK increments.

How to take the measurements
I thought I’d try and measure Roo’s feet first (as she is less likely to wriggle). Opening the fOOter was really simple and the pop up guides are easy to ‘click’ into place.

To take measurements make sure they have their socks on and sitting down with their foot naturally resting on the fOOter. You first need to measure the length by lightly placing the foot against the back guide. Then gently slide the other guide down onto the longest toe. Take a note of the measurement, then place the centre ball of the foot along the back guide. Slide the other guide along to touch the widest part of the foot. Take note of this measurement, then turn the guide over and follow the chart to determine the correct size and width required.

The guide is displayed in US measurements and you have to look on the Topsy Toesy website for the conversion to UK and EU sizes.

How we got on
After initially practicing my technique on both Roo’s and my own feet I moved onto Tigger’s feet. He did try wriggle at first but as we were at home there was no pressure to get the measurements straightaway and soon enough he sat still for me to take the required measurements. This was so less stressful  and saved a unnecessary trip to the shoe shop as both Roo and Tigger’s measurements had not changed.

With the guide showing US sizes you need to visit the website to get the required UK size conversion this to me is the only down side to the fOOter. However saying this I think this could easily be solved by either a laminated conversion chart being included in the packaging or by printing off a copy the chart and storing with the guide at home.

£7.49 + P&P

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