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Bringing the Outdoors In – Natural Living Spaces

May 18, 2019

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It’s common for people to treat their homes and gardens as two separate entities. As soon as the patio doors are closed, the natural world is often shut out of the house – which is a shame, as embracing greenery indoors can be really transformative.

Here are just a few ways in which you can blend your outdoor and indoor zones, and create a more naturally beautiful environment in the process.

Natural décor in the home

A vase of flowers on a table

Maximise connections with the outside world

This is probably the costliest change, but also the most effective. Swapping old patio doors for a set of wall-to-wall bifold doors means you’re instantaneously creating more flow from the house to the garden. Investing in larger windows in the bedroom will make the space feel airier and lighter. If this is too expensive, consider swapping heavy curtains for lightweight material instead, as this lets the natural light filter through more easily.

Go for natural palettes

If you love creating a sense of ‘outside-in’, then focus on using natural colours for your interior décor. Great shades to work with are forest green or rich, deep green, warm brown, sky-blue, and of course, all the floral shades, like soft pink and crimson red. If you’d prefer a tropical vibe, use more vibrant colours, like acid yellows and bright greens.

Create a porch

You may already have an outdoor dining area, just beyond your patio doors. Make this area more useable (whatever the weather) by adding a porch or awning over the top of it. This means you can still sit outside (or just have the doors open), even when it’s pouring with rain.

A vase of flowers on a table

Add a water feature

Your garden may already have a lovely pond, but that’s not to say that you can’t introduce a water feature inside too. Some savvy home-owners have incorporated ‘water walls’ in their houses – where the water flows down the wall via a concealed pump. The sound of trickling water is incredibly relaxing, so this sort of feature is ideal in the bathroom, bedroom or living area.

Embrace ‘inside gardens

There are so many ways you can incorporate plants into your home décor. In the kitchen, you could set up a herb garden on the window ledge, filled with the herbs you most like to cook with. This makes it not only an attractive feature but also very practical too! In the bathroom, a few spider plants trailing from the top of the cupboard can add a hint of natural beauty, or in the lounge, you could have a few small palm trees in the corner of the room.

Open the windows

This is one of the simplest steps you can take to bring the outside in. Unless the weather is awful, open the windows as much as possible. This not only lets in the scents of outside (and a refreshing breeze in summer), it also makes the house feel healthier, fresher and less ‘stuffy’.

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Introduce the ‘peaceful’ elements

A garden can be a wonderful place to recharge, unwind and meditate on life for a while. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve a similar effect in the home too. For example, incorporating relaxing plants into your living room, such as lavender, will immediately bring about a sense of peace. Alternatively, scented candles can produce much the same effect – sites like Copycat Fragrances have some good options.

Use natural materials

To capture the feel of the great outdoors in your home, use as many natural materials as possible. Pull up the carpet and sand down your floorboards, or invest in some wood flooring. Instead of fabric sofas, consider rattan ones, or wood-framed settees. Rather than heavy velvet soft furnishings, use natural materials like linen, rough cotton or wool. This will all help to make your home feel more connected with the outside world.

Incorporate natural patterning

There are several great wallpapers out there, featuring nature-inspired patterns; such as fern-leaves, daisies, palm trees and bumble bees. The same can be said about numerous other things, like cushion covers, curtains, rugs, storage boxes and more. Browse online to find further inspiration, as there are almost limitless options out there.

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