Kingsmill Great White - as much fibre as wholemeal bread (ID 7430)

Kingsmill Great White – as much fibre as wholemeal bread

June 3, 2014

Our house is a little divided when it comes to the perfect loaf, Mr Boo prefers a thick white loaf (makes better toast apparently) whilst I have grown up on wholemeal (because it’s better for you than white bread) so at the moment we compromise and buy 50/50 bread so we are each getting a little of something we like in a loaf.

Last week Kingsmill got in touch with the Boo Roo and Tigger Too household to challenge us to taste test their new Kingsmill Great White loaf filled with a range of fillings to show us that you can still enjoy white bread but with all the fibre of a wholemeal loaf.

[box] Despite fibre being as important to our health as our ‘five-a-day’, recent research by Kingsmill has shown that 8/10 Brits don’t know how much fibre to eat on a daily basis. Kingsmill understands that fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet, which is why they’ve launched the NEW Kingsmill Great White – a delicious, soft white loaf that contains as much fibre as wholemeal bread *

* Kingsmill Great White bread has 7.0g fibre per 100g, compared with Kingsmill Tasty Wholemeal bread which has 6.2g fibre per 100g[/box]

The great news for Slimming World members like myself is that a 60g slice of Kingsmill Great White can be counted as your healthy extra b choice for the day. So enjoying a slice of white bread is no longer a syn, but something that can be added to your daily plan. Like most households we all have our own ideas on the best way to eat certain foods…


Kingsmill Great White - Just bread Tigger is a particularly fussy eater and prefers to munch on a slice of bread as it comes, no butter, no filling, no folding… just as it falls out of the packet.


Roo has been a fan of toast since she was first weaning, in fact I used to say that I knew if she was ill if she turned her nose up at a slice or two of toast. So what better way to add a little fun to her breakfast slice than using our cookie cutters to make some princess dresses. Kingsmill Great White - Cheese and pickle Alongside her love of toast, Roo also loves a delicious cheese and pickle sandwich. Although I can remember making her a cheese sandwich when she was around Tigger’s age, she took a bite, looked at me and said ‘where is the pickle? I’m not eating it without pickle!‘.

Mr Boo

Kingsmill Great White - BLT After a lovely lay in on Sunday morning I thought I’d treat Mr Boo to a classic toasted BLT, what better way for him to enjoy his preferred white bread.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

The Kingsmill Great White has really made me think about whether we need to switch back to a 50/50 loaf, whilst I might not be getting the wholemeal that I have grown up on knowing that I am still able to get the same (if not more) fibre intake makes me happy to make the switch. Check out the other Great White challengers:


Disclosure: We received a supermarket voucher in order to purchase Kingsmill Great White and delicious sandwich fillings FOC for the purpose of our Great White challenge.

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