Planning the perfect holiday in South Devon

March 18, 2014

When I was child I never went on holiday aboard, instead we opted for holidays in the UK and day trips to the seaside. It was after one of those UK holidays that my parents decided to make the move from a wet and windy Cumbria to the Norfolk Coast. When Roo was just 5 months old we took her to Spain to my in-laws house and the travel logistics with a small baby was a nightmare. So we haven’t been aboard since, however I don’t feel that Roo and Tigger are missing out as there is so much to see and do here in the UK.

This year we are hoping to see more of the UK and I’ve been looking at South Devon after some friends visited last year and have raved about it ever since. As neither Mr Boo or I have ever been to that end of the country I have been researching different places to stay, things to do and of course how best to get there.


Usually when we go away we are only a way for a few days at a time so a budget hotel chain will suffice and we can eat out at the theme park or wherever we are at on that particular day. Our holiday to South Devon however I am hoping to make it more like a home away from home so I’ve managed to find some great family friendly cottages and apartments at Coast & Country Cottages. I’m really drawn to the Thurlestone Rock apartments at the moment as they are a stones throw from the beach and the views look amazing.

A herd of sheep standing on top of a rock
Thurlestone Rock apartments, Thurlestone Sands

What to do in South Devon?

Whilst relaxing on the beach sounds appealing to Mr Boo and I, I have a feeling that Roo and Tigger would be bored within a few hours. After a bit of researching I have found that there is a wealth of things do in the South Devon area.

For Tigger there is the Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat company, I’m sure he would be more than happy spending the day with the steam trains. Not too sure I could convince him to get on the river boats but I can try.

Roo is a theme park junkie so maybe a visit Woodlands Family Park, the largest theme park in the South West might keep her occupied for an few hours roping Daddy into going on all the fast rides whilst I chill out with Tigger in the zoo.

Going on holiday can be an expensive time so I love that on the visit South Devon website they have produced a 50 free things to do in South Devon sheet that you can have fun ticking off all the things you have managed to do and best of all… for free!

A close up of text on a white background
50 Free things to do in South Devon


With the journey from the Norfolk Coast down to South Devon taking us around 6 hours I need to think up ways of keeping the kids entertained in the car for that long. We have DVD players in the car whilst I hope will keep them occupied for an hour or two but to ask them to sit still for 6 hours is going to be a little much. So to break the journey up I will bring along some car games like car/caravan/lorry bingo, connect four, noughts and crosses etc. Although I’m more worried about Mr Boo and I staying sane on the journey even with splitting the driving so maybe I can find an attraction to stop off at half way to entertain us all for an hour or two before continuing with the journey.

Disclosure: This is my entry into the Perfect Holiday Blogger Competition with Coast & Country Cottages.


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