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A Helpful Haven: Turning Your Garden Into A Place To Meditate

May 10, 2019

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So many of us are not tuned into the art of destressing. After all, we are always on the go, and this means that finding a perfect opportunity to become mindful and to decompress is one of those rare things. But we have to make the time for this, but we also need to make the space. A sanctuary, a retreat from the modern world, is sacrosanct. And for those people lucky enough to have a garden space, you’ve already got one! But how can you turn your garden space into a meditative haven?

Making Sure It Doesn’t Sap Your Mental Energy

A garden is all well and good in theory, but if you go out there expecting to embody a tranquil state and can’t help but notice there’s an abundance of weeds that need to be pulled up, or you’ve got to water the plants before you can even sit down, this will provide so many distractions that you’re not able to get into a meditative state. Having artificial grass laid down could help you, check out artificial grass Stockton CA to find out more.

Artificial grass will serve to minimise all those distractions that stop you from calming down. And in addition to this, having plants that are low maintenance works to decorate the space, but also helps to calm you down.

Finding The Perfect Spot

Maybe the sun doesn’t get into the garden much, or there’s a lot of noise coming from the neighbours; whatever the issue, you need to make sure that the spot you choose is the perfect one. It’s somewhere that you can go back to again and again, and before you even close your eyes, you’ve already started to calm down.

We associate certain spots with calmness and relaxation, and this becomes a trigger for our mind and body to instantly relax. Find the perfect spot by trying out different areas, and seeing how you feel, and once you’ve got the right space, continue to go back to that.

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Providing Soothing Scents

To build onto this idea of triggers, smell is something that can work in abundance, especially in a garden space. Scents like lavender can help to calm you down, which will be beneficial if you’ve had a stressful day. And it’s not just about the scents, but it’s about the senses too. Making sure that you have a quiet spot, or, if you live in a very noisy area, finding ways to mask the sounds can help.

For example, if you install hedges or bushier trees that help to absorb sound, it will help to mask the noise, but also provide that sense of sanctuary. Play with the scents, but also the senses. You need to get into a state of mind where you’re not thinking outside of your head. This is very difficult to achieve at the very beginning.

We all need that opportunity to escape modern pressures. And more people are embracing meditation and mindfulness as the perfect way to calm down. And if you’re lucky enough to have a garden space, it’s your right to turn it into somewhere that provides that’s a helpful haven from the stresses of modern life.

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