Books2door Book Subscription Boxes for Kids

Books2door Book Subscription Boxes for Kids

August 12, 2023

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When children are little they find board books and picture books exciting, however, along the way they can find themselves drawn into other interests and books can lose the draw that they once held. As children become young readers it can be a challenge to get them sit down and read a book, however, children’s book subscriptions can be a great way to bring back their love of reading.

Books2Door have put together one of the best book subscriptions for children, recognising that children who have access to books on a regular basis are less likely to be reluctant readers. The door subscription box give children access quality books and activities – and children of all ages will love receiving their own monthly delivery.

What’s included in Box2door book subscription boxes for kids?

Each of the monthly book boxes will vary in terms of the content, however, the avid reader will receive a combination of the following:

  • Range of Books – A book selection relevant to to the age range of the book subscription box. Featuring 3-4 books, they will be a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books to help little readers with their reading skills.
  • Activity Sheet – Fun activity sheet featuring an iconic book character such as Maggie Sparks, the sheet comprises of a range of activities for children to complete. Whilst the reverse of the activity sheet is a large poster continuing the them of the activity sheet, like Maggie Sparks and the Monster Baby, perfect for placing on their bedroom wall or playroom to both brighten up the space but remind them of the fun of the story. A separate colouring sheet adds another activity for children of all ages to complete and a good option to make the book subscription service and all round great gift idea.
  • Bookmarks – As we all know, folding the corner of a page in a book is a huge no no, so adding book themed bookmarks into a child’s collection is an excellent choice. 
Books2door Book Subscription Boxes for Kids

How much does the Box2Door Book Subscription Boxes cost?

Each of them Box2Door book subscription boxes cost £9.99 and include free UK delivery. They are despatched the first week of the month, although during maximum delivery periods such as Christmas these may be slightly delayed (like any deliveries during these busy times). They are delivered in a letterbox size box so you don’t have to worry about missing the delivery.

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What age groups do the Books2door subscription boxes cater to?

Books2door offers different subscription boxes for various age groups, catering to children from toddlers to young adults. They have different boxes tailored specifically to different age ranges, ensuring that the children’s books are age-appropriate and engaging for each group. The specific age groups covered may vary, so it’s best to check their website for the most up-to-date information on the available subscription options for different age ranges.

  • Baby & Toddler Subscription Box (Age 0-3 years) – Introducing books to your baby can start as soon as they are born, with the soothing sound of your voice as stories are read aloud. This monthly book subscription box is for 0-3 years. Packed with board books and picture books for little hands, stickers for sensory development and bright colours for them to recognise – this carefully selected box will see your babies and young children grow into budding little bookworms. 
  • Early Years Monthly Subscription Box (Age 4-6 years) – As their imagination grows, this monthly book subscription box aimed for little kids aged 4 and 6 years old is the perfect way to answer inquisitive questions and meet their interests. Each month, your child will receive a carefully curated box of fiction and non-fiction books to develop their learning and continue a love for reading. Watch their personalities grow and vocabulary expand as they get stuck into their monthly book subscription box. 
  • Key Stage 2 Children Subscription Box (Age 7-10 years) – The power of storytelling comes to life with this monthly book subscription box for older children aged between 7 and 10 years old for those in Key Stage 2. With fiction chapter books and non-fiction titles to suit every age and interest, your child will find hours of reading and fun in every box they receive. 
Books2door Book Subscription Boxes for Kids

What are the benefits of subscribing to Books2door book subscription boxes?

Whether you are purchasing a Books2door book subscription box for your own child or looking to purchase one as a gift, you may be wondering what the benefits are of subscribing to a book subscription service for children. Take a look at the top benefits below and think of this as a first reading club for the child

  1. Variety: With a subscription, children will receive a curated selection of books each month based on the child’s age and reading level. This provides them with a diverse range of reading materials, including different genres, authors, and themes. It helps to expand their literary horizons and introduces them to new books and authors they may not have discovered on their own.
  2. Convenience: Subscribing to one of the best book subscription boxes means that books will be delivered directly to your door. This saves you time and effort in searching for new books and makes it convenient for kids to have a new reading adventure each month.
  3. Surprise and excitement: The element of surprise is a key advantage of subscription boxes. Children will look forward to receiving their monthly box and opening it to discover what books they have received. It adds an element of excitement and anticipation to their reading experience.
  4. Educational value: Children’s book subscription boxes for kids are carefully curated to cater to different age groups and reading levels. The selection includes books that are engaging, age-appropriate, and educational. It can help foster a love for reading and improve their literacy skills.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: Subscribing to a book subscription box can be cost-effective compared to purchasing individual kids books. The subscription fee often includes a discount on the retail price of the books, offering great value for money and allowing you to build a diverse library for your child over time without breaking the bank.

These benefits make Books2door book subscription boxes a great choice for parents and caregivers who want to encourage their children to read, explore new books, and cultivate a love for literature.

Books2door Book Subscription Boxes for Kids

Top tips for getting children excited about books and reading

  • Set a reading routine: Establish a regular reading routine with your child. Set aside a specific time each day when you can read together. This consistency will create a habit and make reading a regular part of their day.
  • Create a cosy reading corner: Designate a special area in your home as a cozy reading corner. Fill it with comfortable seating, pillows, and a bookshelf filled with books. Make it inviting and appealing for your child to spend time there with their books.
  • Let them choose their books: Allow your child to have a say in selecting their books. Take them to the library or bookstore and let them explore different genres and authors. When children have a choice in what they read, they are more likely to be excited and engaged in the process.
  • Make connections to their interests: Help your child find books that align with their interests, hobbies, or favorite topics. If they love dinosaurs, find books about dinosaurs. If they enjoy art, find books about famous artists or art techniques. Finding books that resonate with their interests will make reading more enjoyable for them.
  • Reading aloud and shared reading: Read aloud to your child even after they can read on their own. Shared reading experiences can create special bonding moments and keep them engaged. You can take turns reading pages or discuss the story together.
  • Create a reading challenge or reward system: Set reading goals or create a reading challenge for your child. For example, you can create a reading chart or goal for them to reach a certain number of books or reading minutes in a month. As they make progress, reward them with small incentives, like a sticker or a special activity.
  • Make it a family affair: Make reading a family activity by having a family book club or reading together as a family before bedtime. This not only encourages reading but also fosters a love for books and creates a positive reading environment at home.
  • Use technology to your advantage: Utilise digital resources like e-books, audiobooks, and reading apps. These can provide additional options for reading and make the process more interactive and engaging for your child.

Remember, the key is to make reading a fun and enjoyable experience. By incorporating these tips, you can help your child develop a love for books and a fundamental skill that will last a lifetime.

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