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These Indoor Activities Keep Summer Fun, Productive, and Safe for Kids

August 17, 2021

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Probably everybody can use some fun right now, especially kids, who had a huge chunk of their early years interrupted by a pandemic. Keep these indoor activities in mind, and they’ll have a fun, productive, and safe summer.

Summer is the time for fun and personal growth. Kids are meant to explore the world around them by running outdoors and making new friends. After a year unlike any other, parents need fun activities that keep children mentally stimulated. Depending on the vaccine rollout and new COVID-19 cases where you live, staying indoors may be the safest option. 

Here are a few indoor activities you can keep in mind to make sure your kids have a fun and productive summer.

Online Coding Classes

Online classes that teach coding for kids are a great way to keep children engaged, and they won’t believe how much fun they are. The best classes are structured around how to build video games they can play and share with their friends, so kids are motivated to absorb new skills.

Make sure to pick an online program that teaches kids coding languages that professionals use to build programs and apps that millions of people use every day, such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++. They may encounter these languages later in school.

Knowing such languages opens up doors in many industries, to they can have a job developing video games, apps, or countless other things. Find a course that offers a maximum of four students per class, so your child won’t have to fight for their teacher’s attention. 

Summer indoor activities for kids - coding

Jigsaw Puzzles

Not every activity for children today is based on new technology! Jigsaw puzzles have entertained kids and even adults for decades, and they’re still fun to this day. Not only that, but they help develop cognitive abilities and spatial reasoning. 

Pick a puzzle with a theme your child will enjoy, perhaps an image from their favourite movie. Many dollar stores sell brand new puzzles you can get for a few dollars, so hours’ worth of entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Playing a Musical Instrument

Does your child have a musical instrument to play? Whether there’s a piano in the house or a ukulele floating around, picking a few notes and playing a few chords is a timeless activity that opens up a world of fun. 

Depending on your child’s age and experience level, begin with easy songs, or take a tune they love and play it in a basic way. The last thing you want to do is push kids away from music by making it too difficult or give them songs they aren’t motivated to play.

Everyone knows how to keep a beat and tap their feet. We have rhythms deeply engrained in our hardwiring, and showing kids how to tap into that enriches their entire life and helps with cerebral development. 

Generations of parents have wanted music lessons for their kids for a reason, after all. If you have an instrument lying around, but nobody in the family plays, look online for free lessons to show you the basics.

Summer indoor activities for kids - musical instrument

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