Ways to save money on clothes as a parent

How To Save Money On Clothes As A Parent

June 3, 2022


Children grow up really fast and constantly outgrow their clothing. From the minute you buy your first set of baby clothes, to them continually growing taller as a teenager, you’re always going to be spending money on a new wardrobe. Fortunately, there are ways you can minimise the cost of clothing. Here’s how to save money on clothes as a parent.

Ways to save money on clothes as a parent

Ways to save money on clothes as a parent

Pre-Loved Clothes

The pre-loved market is on the rise with the increasing awareness of sustainable fashion. In fact, as many as 89% of parents-to-be brought pre-loved baby clothes as early as 2018. The top of the list for pre-loved fashion was baby clothes, while many parents also bought cots and pushchairs second-hand. The estimated amount of money saved was around £1,000, with many parents also making money from selling these items on second-hand sites like eBay.

Bulk Purchasing Adult Clothes

If you’re a parent, then bulk-purchasing affordable and fashionable clothing is a great way to save money on your own fashion items. Once you find a good place to buy men’s t-shirts online, you can simply buy your favourite items in one go to save on individual purchases later. If you frequently buy vest-tops or t-shirts individually, why not buy them in bulk to save yourself time and money when you need them later.

Have A Wardrobe Clear Out

How many of us need a wardrobe clearout? All too frequently we find ourselves buying new items, while the majority of our clothes slip gradually down into the back of the wardrobe. Have a wardrobe clearout for you and your kids, and then make sure the remaining items are neatly arranged for easy access. You’ll find that over time, you end up saving money as you avoid buying items you already have in your wardrobe. 

Buy Your Kids Clothes A Little Larger

When it comes to your kid’s wardrobe, a little bigger is better. The exception to this rule is shoes, as buying kids’ shoes too large will injure their feet. Always ensure that when you are looking for those first walking shoes for baby girl you get their feet measured correctly and check the fit of the shoe.

But if you’re investing in a new school uniform, jeans or dresses, buy a size larger to get more use out of them over time. For adult clothes, definitely purchase items for your current size. If you buy clothes that are too small, you can’t wear them now, ultimately making them a wasted purchase.

Invest In Quality Items For Older Kids

If you are buying clothes for your older kids, you can buy items that’ll last a little bit longer than when they were really small. Try and invest in quality clothing rather than fast fashion, as this will age a little bit better over the course of the year, and is less likely to wear out. Items like shoes are better when they’re of higher quality.

Ways to save money on clothes as a parent

Final Thoughts

The rise of pre-loved items is making reusable kids’ fashion much more common than it was even a few years ago. Bulk buying your staple favourites as an adult can also help your busy parental brain save time and money. Clearing out your existing wardrobe will help you save money on items you don’t need while sizing up and investing in quality items will ultimately mean your kid’s clothing lasts a little longer.

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