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Boo Roo and Tigger Too {December 2016}

January 6, 2017

Oh December where did you go? Whilst the whole year seems to have flown by, December especially has disappeared much quicker than I would have liked. I look forward to December throughout the year as I love Christmas. This year, however, it has eluded me and I don’t feel as though I stopped all month long enough to enjoy all the festivities.

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As a family, we have managed to enjoy some of our Christmas traditions from mooching around the local garden centres looking for new decorations to add to our house. To a trip to the woods to track down the Stick Man (which we didn’t manage to find but the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s Child made up for it). There are many things we didn’t manage to do between school activities, Christmas shopping, and well everyday life but Christmas is over for another year, I can but try harder next year.

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Having worked in administration for a large part of my working life, the feeling of being disorganised does not sit well with me. I’ve felt disorganised for the majority of the month, with many items on my to-do list still sitting there. I am, however, thankful for the first time in almost 10 years that I haven’t had to worry about childcare over the Christmas period. Enjoying having all of the children at home with me and not having to beg family and friends to have them whilst I am at work.

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December is my birthday month, and despite everyone’s insistence that I was turning 34… clearly they have all forgotten that I stopped gaining years at 29 – So happy 29th birthday (again) to me!


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My social butterfly continues to have a better social life than me. I’m living my life through hers at the moment. Between school carol concerts, tea parties and discos, she is fully booked! I was, however, thankful when her school friend changed her birthday party at the last-minute from a roller skating disco to rock climbing… picture Bambi on the ice and that is Roo on skates, so I was convinced we’d have a broken bone for Christmas but rock climbing was much safer!


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The first school term in Year 1 seems to have worn him out. By the time we reached the Christmas break up I could see that he was ready for some time out. With days reconnecting with his toys in his bedroom, playing on his beloved Skylanders and watching Christmas films, he is now recharged and ready for the next school term.

A check up at the eye clinic earlier in the month didn’t go quite to plan in so much that whilst he has been wearing his glasses full-time one eye doesn’t seem to have made any improvement so we are booked to go back in February. I’m not quite sure what this means if there is still no improvement but I can steady my nerves knowing that they are keeping an eye on him (no pun intended).


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The past month I have felt as though Piglet and I have synced. I’m convinced that she answers me back with yes and no answers whenever I ask her questions. Her one-year injections and teething have knocked her sleep pattern out somewhat which isn’t enjoyable for any of us at the moment.

With a mixture of Christmas, birthday and play dates over the past month she has really started to socialise with other children and entertain the adults too.

And that was our December, passing far too quickly…
Time to see what 2017 holds for us!

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