Ben 10 Power Trip

Ben 10 Power Trip – The Video Game Party

October 8, 2020

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Every now and again I take that nostalgic look back at the things in our lives, especially the things within the children’s lives. Their likes and dislikes and ponder how they came to be. With the launch of the new Ben 10 Power Trip game from Outright Games, it has had me looking back at how Ben 10 was introduced to our lives.

During a family trip to Drayton Manor a few years ago, before Piglet was born (so probably longer than I imagine) one of their rollercoasters was named Ben 10 and had a replica car outside of it for people to have their photos taken with etc. Seeing the black and green car Tigger was automatically interested in seeing what it was. From there he discovered the series on Cartoon Network and, of course, there is a whole host of fantastic Ben 10 toys to help bring the characters and storylines to life.

Ben 10 Power Trip – The Video Game Party

The release of the new Ben 10 Power Trip video game, it seems only fitting that we celebrate this and what better way to do this than by hosting a Ben 10 themed party. We were fortunate enough to have a selection of Ben 10 toys, activities and treats sent to us for our party. However, if you head over to the Cartoon Network website you can check out a whole host of Ben 10 party activities including suggestions on food to serve, decorations and fun activities for the guests.

Ben 10 Toys

When it comes to indulging your child’s favourite cartoon programme off the screen one of the easiest ways to do this is with the toys that accompany the series. Children are so lucky that they have a wide range of big-ticket items, moderate range toys as well as pocket money blind bags etc that they can choose from. So whether it is a gift for Christmas, birthday, a special treat etc there is something for them. With the toys helping them role-play and utilise their imaginations to have fun, create laughter and solve their own mysteries and missions.

Ben 10 Colouring and activities

Would it be a party without some colouring? A staple for every party if you ask me as the children can enjoy a little slice of downtime to relax after the fun of playing with Ben 10 toys, the Ben 10 Power Trip video game and indulging in some yummy party treats. Assisting with their hand-eye coordination, as well as something they are usually happy to share with the adults who are in attendance. You can’t beat sitting down and spending 30 minutes or so colouring – until you are told you’ve used the wrong colours!

Ben 10 Party Boxes

Although we were indulging in a celebratory party for the launch of Ben 10 Power Trip, it seemed only fair that the children got to have party boxes. Utilising mini popcorn boxes I included a pack of Haribo sweets, a Ben 10 Blind Bag as well as an additional colouring sheet. You could also include stickers, crayons, balloons and maybe lollipops.

Ben 10 Power Trip – The Video Game

Ben 10 Power Trip - Nintendo Switch

Ben 10 Power Trip takes Ben and his family on an epic quest across Europe as he battles the evil magician Hex and uncovers the truth behind four mysterious crystals that threaten to take over his world. Players will be able to transform into powerful aliens and work together to battle fearsome foes in this co-op open-world, adventure. Solve fun puzzles, use your skills to help out the townspeople you meet, and collect power-ups to upgrade your aliens. And explore the cities, forests and mountains of Europe on your way to the final showdown against villainous Hex.

Ben 10 Power Trip – Launch Trailer

Key features

  • EXPLORE a 3D world packed with exciting missions, power-ups and collectables 
  • TRANSFORM into powerful aliens including Diamondhead, Four Arms and Heatblast 
  • REVEAL the truth behind the mysterious crystals and the void rifts they open 
  • BATTLE fearsome foes in exciting combat 
  • TEAM UP with Kevin Levin in local drop-in, drop-out cooperative play 

What we thought

Tigger is always excited to find that he has been allowed a new game to play, with Ben 10 Power Trip being no exception. In fact, he was taken with the game right away and has been enjoying the problem-solving elements to the game (always good to have an educational element in there). Learning through play he has been able to discover the different Ben 10 characters and their abilities With the Accelerate character becoming his favourite to play with.

The multi-player option allows him to play with Roo, although Piglet has been looking over their shoulder at them so it won’t be long before she is asking him to show her how to play the game.

Where can you buy ben 10 Power Trip?

Ben 10: Power Trip is available now on PlayStation® 4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One and PC Steam and available to buy from Amazon and other leading retailers.

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