5 Cleaning Hacks for New Parents

5 Cleaning Hacks for New Parents

October 7, 2020

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If you’re looking to keep their home as clean and tidy as possible, here are a few cleaning hacks for new parents that you can try. 

You’ve just had a baby and are preparing for a home in which your child can grow, so things are about to get messy, there’s no doubt about it. Children can create a mess in a way that you might never have even thought of until you see it, and it’s far too late! 

Use Furniture Slipcovers 

One area which can suffer when you have a messy child is your soft furnishings. Spills can easily be made, food can be dropped, or even the worst can happen with some coloured crayons on your fabric sofa. 

Use furniture slipcovers while your baby is growing to easily take care of any mess and wash the covers whenever you need to, without compromising your actual furniture. It’s a good idea to invest in a generous amount so that you can put a new one on while a previous one is in the wash. That way, your furniture is always protected.

5 Cleaning Hacks for New Parents

Invest in Mattress Protectors 

Whether for your own bed, your child’s bed, or both, ensure you’re better protected from stains or little accidents by using mattress protectors. This is important for your own bed if you’re going to have your child sleeping in there with you as they grow, and it will make it easier for you to wash and clean bedsheets if accidents happen and protect your mattress from the damage. 

Use Automated Cleaning

Anything that can save time and make the cleaning easier and more thorough will be a boon! Think about installing a dishwasher if you don’t already have one, as this is also helpful for cleaning all of your baby’s items more quickly and thoroughly, too, like kitchenware and even baby toys they’ve had in their mouth. 

You can also look for automated cleaning hacks like a Roomba instead of manual floor cleaning. Make sure to save money by finding The Best Roomba Black Friday Deals of 2020.

5 Cleaning Hacks for New Parents

Use Wipeable Paint 

If you want to refresh your walls or redecorate, it’s a good idea to give your main walls a once-over with a cleanable or wipeable paint. This means if your child decides to try their artistic skills on your walls with crayons, the marks can easily be wiped away without damaging your walls or paint. 

Or, if you’re feeling more creative, why not try painting with chalkboard paint? This gives your child a designated place to draw and colour without you having to worry about them taking to the rest of your walls. 

Find What Works for You 

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to how to clean as a parent. It may be that you discover through your own trial and error which products work best for cleaning particular problems you’ve run into. Maybe you’ve even tried creating some homemade cleaning products you can easily replicate with things you already have instead of continuously buying cleaning products. 

Just 5 cleaning hacks for new parents, but you’ll soon discover that you’ll always need to try new things when it comes to cleaning.

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