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August 21, 2019

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After finding himself on the ‘good list’ last year with Santa, Tigger received a Nintendo Switch as his Christmas present, Since then he has tried a few Nintendo Switch games with the classic Super Mario Bros. games such as Mario Kart being some of his favourite go-to games. One of the latest releases to the Super Mario Bros. is the Super Mario Maker 2 – a sequel to the original Super Mario Maker which was a huge hit. Take a look at the latest version and what we thought of it…

Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch

Break the rules and make the Super Mario courses you’ve always dreamed of in Super Mario Maker 2, only on Nintendo Switch! With lots of new tools, course parts and features at your disposal, let your imagination run wild as you craft unique levels to share with friends and players all over the world.

It’s time to make the Super Mario courses of your dreams, as well as complete a story mode feature too.

Super Mario Maker 2 – Story Mode

Play through more than 100 original courses crafted by Nintendo and earn coins along the way to help Mario and co. rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. Each level in Story Mode showcases a variety of tools and features – you might learn a thing or two about course design just by playing them!

Along the way, you will discover different course themes, such as:

  • Desert
  • Snow
  • Forest
  • Sky
  • Day become night
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Super Mario Maker 2 – Make Mode

When it comes to creating your own courses, the only limit is your imagination.

Groundworks – Start off your new course by adding in the groundworks, then select from a number of objects (blocks, coins, pipes etc.) and enemies and add them into your course. You can even decide what goes inside the blocks, will it be something useful for Mario? or a hidden enemy?

Backgrounds – With ultimate control over your course, you are able to select just were Mario will be from the different backgrounds below:

  • Above ground
  • Underground
  • Underwater
  • Castle
  • Airship
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Super Mario World

Complete conditions – what does Mario need to do in order to complete the level? Collect a certain amount of coins, defeat all enemies, or speed along before the timer runs out?

Test Drive – Ensure to test drive your course as you go along, so you are able to make any tweaks or improvements.

Collaborative creating – Whilst it is fun to create courses for Mario to complete on your own, why not hand over a joy-con to a sibling or friend so that they can join you in the creative fun. Adding Luigi into the mix, you can create ultimate courses between the two of you.

Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker 2 – 3D World

A new addition to Super Mario Maker 2, 3D World allows you to create a whole new adventure course for Mario. Be warned though your 2D version will be erased when you toggle between the two as there are items you can only utilise within the 3D World and vice versa.

Community Created Courses

With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can upload your levels for other players to try out! You’ll also find a nearly limitless number of courses created by the community that you can play right away or save locally to play offline later.

This isn’t something that we have completed with Tigger at the moment, but it is something to think about for the future.

Our thoughts…

From the moment we downloaded the Super Mario Maker 2 game from the Nintendo eShop he was eager to switch it on and explore all that the game had to offer. It had been on his pocket money savings list since he saw it advertised earlier in the year.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game that has really captured the imagination of Tigger. Allowing him to create courses and stories of his own. Setting up the groundworks with objects and enemies along the way. Selecting what background to utilise and setting the completion goal for Mario to be able to complete the course.

Tigger has been enjoying the creative aspect of the game, alongside the story mode aspect of completing goals and tasks in order to help rebuild Princess Peaches castle.

A video game

Where can I buy Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch is available to buy from Amazon and all leading entertainment retailers. It is available to purchase in both digital download format or as a game cartridge.

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