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HEXBUG | Robot Wars Arena

September 26, 2018

Whilst we were visiting Mr Boo’s Nanny in Wales at Easter Tigger discovered the delights of Robot Wars. After flicking through the TV channels as the adults were chatting he stumbled upon Robot Wars. Within in minutes he was hooked and asking whether we were able to get this series on our TV at home. As soon as we arrived home after our trip away he reminded us to record the series – which has become a firm favourite for a lazy Sunday afternoon viewing. To bring the action of Robot Wars TV series into children’s lives, HEXBUG has brought out the ultimate HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena.

HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena

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Watch the hit television show come to life right before your eyes, with the HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena! Now you can hold action-packed duels of your own at home! 

HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena | Assembly

The playset requires assembly which you’d imagine and is held firmly in place by a number of cable ties (so scissors at the ready). Whilst this can be a pain, it does show that HEXBUG is ensuring that all the relevant parts are kept safe and sound whilst they travel from stores to home etc.

The majority of the assembly is clicking the various parts into place, which once completed reveals the large Robot Wars arena which is ready to host battles of epic proportion. We found that once the arena was built it was stable enough to be stored on top of a cabinet in Tigger’s room rather than packing it away after each use. Not only to ensure that parts weren’t misplaced, but you never know when you will feel the need for another battle so best to be ready at all times!

A group of items on a table

HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena | Pairing the controls to the robots

Included with the HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena set is two robots, Royal Pain and Impulse. Each comes with a corresponding remote control (red and yellow). However, each controller is able to operate either of the robots as long as you pair it up so that the frequency’s matchup. 

To pair the HEXBUG Robot Wars robot to a controller you need to:

  • Switch on your robot
  • Select a frequency channel (1 to 4) on the controller
  • Press the colour button on the base of the robot
  • Press any button on the controller to tell the robot that you are using that controller on that frequency

HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena | Let battle commence

Once you’ve got the arena set up and the robots paired with their controllers, it’s time to get down to action. A quick countdown and its time to release your robot against your opponents. Utilising your main weapon as well, spins, crashing and banging to see who will be victorious in the arena!

HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena | Watch our video!

HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena | Our Thoughts…

The HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena is a big-ticket present, however, at under £80, it includes everything you need to set up the arena, as well as two robots to enable epic battles to take place. With additional robots, house robots, clusterbots and accessories available separately – perfect for friends and family to buy to go alongside the main present.

HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena | Where can I buy?

The HEXBUG Robot Wars Arena is available to buy from Amazon and all leading toy retailers.

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