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Attic remodels: What NOT to do

January 14, 2019

There are some renovation projects that the experts claim are all but guaranteed to add value to your property, and it would be fair to say that the classic attic remodel falls into this category.

Sure, it can cost a small fortune to construct initially, but the end results are more than worthwhile. Quite often, you’re left with an extra bedroom (and possibly more), and it’s completely worth that initial investment.

With that being said, this isn’t a project that is without its obstacles. On the contrary, there are all sorts of mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to this form of renovation to their home, and to ensure that you don’t fall into this group we have penned the following guide.

Attic remodels: What NOT to do

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Mistake #1 – You don’t install sufficient insulation

As we all know, the attic is home to a lot of insulation (at least, it should be). However, a lot of homeowners opt to completely clear the space when they set about their project, and this includes their insulation. It means that months down the line, when winter arrives, they are suddenly left with a space that requires ridiculous amounts of heating to stay warm. What tends to happen then is the walls and ceiling have to be taken down in order to install more insulation, and before you know it you have called in a Chi drywall repair company.

As such, always ensure that you have plenty of insulation up there – and more.

Mistake #2 – There’s no ventilation

A similarly basic mistake comes in the form of a lack of ventilation. Just because it is near the roof, a lot of people believe that things take care of themselves in this regard. In reality, this doesn’t occur in the slightest.

A lack of ventilation will cause all sorts of problems, with one of the most concerning being the growth of mould. Ensure that enough air is flowing through the space to avoid this happening. You can add soffit vents in your attic to prevent the build-up of moisture and to keep your attic cool. Check this article from Hardie Boys

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Mistake #3 – You don’t budget for light

Another classic mistake is that natural light isn’t taken into account. With so much emphasis placed on premium staircases and furniture to go up there, many happen to forget that this space can be pretty dark if you don’t act accordingly.

Once upon a time roof windows may have been the only option, but there are now a lot of inventive solutions. For example, if space really is at a premium, you can consider a sun tunnel which can reflect light from elsewhere on your property, right the way to your attic space.

Mistake #4 – You choose the wrong position for your staircase

We’ve already touched upon staircases, but let’s hone in on another key mistake that a lot of people converting their attic make.

In short, the position of this staircase can make or break your project. Get it wrong, and the small size of the attic means that you have eaten into far too much space and haven’t used the area to anywhere near as much potential as you should. Try to ensure that it doesn’t encroach on any usable space on the floor beneath, and make sure that it appears at a sensible position at the top of the attic.

Mistake #5 – You don’t make space for storage

Before your conversion, there’s every chance that your attic was used as storage space. As such, you need to retain a little storage space after the project, in a bid to not create piles of clutter elsewhere in your home. This is something else that a lot of people forget, but simply factoring in built-in storage can work a treat and make for a best of both worlds approach.

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