5 Home Improvements That Are Worth the Cost

5 Home Improvements That Are Worth the Cost

November 10, 2021


Most of us have to work to a budget and when it comes to carrying out home improvements you want to ensure that the upgrades you have in mind are capable of delivering as much bang for your buck as possible.

There are definitely some home improvement projects that almost pay for themselves in terms of adding value and comfort to your home. These include things like a new bathroom or arranging a fiberglass window installation to replace your old windows if they look tired and don’t offer the right energy-saving performance you need in a modern home.

Here’s a look at some of the main home improvements that can be considered worth doing as they are usually able to tick all of the right boxes such as increasing the look and value of your home and helping you save money on energy and maintenance costs.

A kitchen makeover

It goes without saying that the kitchen is at the heart of every family home. That is why it is so important to have a kitchen that looks the part and functions well.

Ask many property developers what their number one upgrade would be in order to add value to a home and the universal response will almost certainly be a kitchen upgrade.

A kitchen remodels often delivers the best return on investment of all typical home improvement projects. It can often be the case that you can expect to return about 80 cents for every dollar spent on your kitchen remodel.

That figure can be even higher if you are remodelling a very outdated kitchen so it’s clear that giving your kitchen a makeover is a real no-brainer when you look at the returns you can get.

5 Home Improvements That Are Worth the Cost

Replacing your windows

Installing replacement windows delivers a number of tangible benefits and has to be high on your list of home improvements that are worth the cost.

You will be adding curb appeal when you upgrade your windows, which should increase the value of your home. You also benefit from an improved energy performance that could cut your utility costs.

Spend money on improving your bathroom

The smallest room in the house gets a lot of use and it’s often wise to spend money on improving your bathroom to keep it in good shape.

The good point about a bathroom makeover is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to replace the fittings. It is estimated that a typical bathroom remodelling project will deliver a 70% return on your investment.

5 Home Improvements That Are Worth the Cost - Bathroom

Add extra floor space

The bottom line is that the square footage of your home is a big aspect when it comes to what your property is worth.

Done well, increasing your home’s square footage will increase its value. Creating a more open-plan and spacious feel will instantly transform the look and feel of your property.

Replace your roof

Replacing your roof is not exactly the cheapest home improvement you can do but it is often very worthwhile when you consider that you are likely to get your money back when you sell the property.

Buyers will like the fact that you have replaced the roof as it demonstrates your commitment to maintaining your property to a high standard. Definitely worth the money when you look at the ROI and the benefits that a new roof offers.

These suggested home improvements are highly capable of delivering outstanding value for money when you compare the return you can expect on your capital outlay.

What improvements does your home need that could add value?

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