Thinking of a loft conversion? You need to consider these things first

July 1, 2021


Our homes can be a labour of love, can’t they? Buying your property initially may have sent you in overdrive on the ideas front of what you want to do, how to decorate, and what improvements you could make to maximise your investment. After all, there is money to be made in property. Even if you decide that you want to stay there or becomes your forever home. One of the big priorities is to make the most of the space that you have. Some people look to extend at the back or on the side, some will have cellars or basements they can make more use of, but one forgotten space that could be utilised is the loft. 

Often a loft conversion can be a simple way to gain extra space and create a room that could be used as a bedroom, study, or extra living room. Some would say that it can be a logical approach to gaining the space that you need in your home, but what do you need to think about when it comes to a loft conversion? Here are some suggestions. 

Access to the loft area

One of the first things you need to think about is access to the loft area. Right now you might have a hatch that could be located in the landing area or even in a bedroom. Ideally, you want a staircase so that the loft space becomes an evident part of your home. This is where you could work with specialists like Fontanot stairs designers who can work around the upstairs space that you have and create a staircase in an area that would suit your home. Your home effectively is adding another floor, so the staircase is an integral part. 

What could you use the space for?

Once you have decided to convert your loft space, you may be wanting to know what you can do with the space you create. There are a few different options. Here are a couple of suggestions to offer up some inspiration. 

loft conversion ideas
Interior View Of A Light And Airy Loft Conversion Bedroom

Easy storage and access

Some people like to use their loft conversion just use it for storage and to gain easier access. Having loft steps that are easy to climb and a boarded out area means that you can easily store everything you need. 

A master suite

Many people choose to use a converted loft space and create a master bedroom suite. Not only including a bedroom space but even an en-suite area if the space allows. As parents, it can give you a bit of extra privacy and a quiet space to relax in the evening. 

An additional bedroom 

If you have limited space the loft area can still be used as a bedroom. Older children may like the idea of having a little extra privacy away from siblings. But it can also be made an exciting area for younger children. Some people have used the eaves area where it is a little difficult to stand and create little hide-outs and dens. 

Living area 

Another great use of the space is as a living area. It could be especially good if you live in an area that gives off great views of cities in the distance or the countryside. The loft area is such an adaptable space, so you could even have a full-length window or balcony door with a wrought iron fence across to make the most of the light and the fresh air, as well as the views it could give. It could be a relaxing and quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of family life. 

A play room 

Last of all, if you are not interested in using the space as a bedroom then it could be the perfect place for toys and to be used as a playroom. Traditionally, parents usually like a playroom downstairs or close to other rooms like the kitchen or a toilet. But if you are short on  space then this could be an excellent use of a loft area, to help keep other areas of your home tidy. 

loft conversion ideas
bathroom in a loft conversion, seen from shower cubicle

To dormer or not to dormer, that is the question

Another thing you have to consider ahead of starting any work is whether you want to add a dormer to the roof area. This essentially adds more height space and makes certain parts of the loft space a usable space where you can stand. Some choose to dormer only one side and use the other side as eaves storage, or if you are able to, you could dormer both sides. This is a great way to extend the space and make it possible to be used in other ways. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of ideas on how a loft space can be converted and used.

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