A room with a book shelf filled with books

Storage Hacks: Saving Space in 2018

February 27, 2018

With more and more people living in shared houses, the pressure is on to keep your life carefully organised and stored. It keeps your possessions spilling out into shared areas so they won’t get damaged or annoy fellow housemates, and well-organised storage is a boon when you come to move again – as renters in cities like London regularly must.

Today we’re looking at a few handy storage hacks that might just save your life…

A room with a book shelf filled with books

Use Your Walls

Your walls are a neglected asset when it comes to storage, and making full use of them doesn’t necessarily mean ruining the look of your room!

Mounting shelves to your wall gives you a big boost in storage space without taking up more floorspace – books are bulky items that free up lots of space if you can get them off the floor. For volumes you don’t need often but still want to keep putting up shelves running around the top of the room, near the ceiling, keep them safe and also well out of your way.

Once your shelves are up it’s time to get really creative! You can use the base of the shelves to mount hooks or bars, which can make the shelf do double duty as storage for jewellery, scarves or ties. You could even mount a wardrobe rail along the bottom of a sturdy shelf and use it to store and display clothes if you’re running out of wardrobe space.

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Get Under the Bed

Underbed storage is a useful asset for everyone, but not everyone makes the best of it. Get the most out of what you have by making sure you set rarely used, bulky items at the back, with smaller, more regularly used possessions nearer the front. This will help you find what you need, when you need it and cut down on stress.

You could also consider keeping the boxes you used to move house under your bed. Folded flat and spread out, they form a layer that doesn’t take up much room and they’ll be safely waiting for you when the time to move comes round again.

If you don’t have enough space to store everything you want, you could consider buying bid risers – they’re available in most hardware shops and will lift your bed an extra few inches off the ground to maximise your storage space.

Use Storage

When you really are drowning in clutter, try contacting a storage company. The right one will keep your possessions safe as long as you need it, with extra features like free collection and free storage crates. Visit byStored to find out more!

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