A person sitting on top of a sandy beach

Why Are Family Holidays So Important?

January 14, 2019

When you think back on your childhood, what is it that really sticks in your mind and makes you smile? Is it the material items you had or is it the time spent with your family, perhaps on holiday together? For most people, it is the latter.

Whether you went somewhere every year, or it was a once in a lifetime adventure, the fun times and excitement of that holiday will stay with you forever. It makes sense that most parents would want their own children to feel the same and to enjoy the same experiences. Why else are family holidays so important?

A person sitting on top of a sandy beach

1. They Offer A Change Of Routine

Routine is good, and many families benefit greatly from employing a routine in their day to day lives – it means that important things get done, and that life skills can be learned along the way. However, every now and then doing something different and changing that routine is also a good idea.

Keeping to the same routines can easily become boring if there is nothing to break it up, and bored children are discontented, and distracted (as well as distracting). Taking a break and discovering a new holiday destination can help. You may want to look into some Europe hotspots such as Spain or the islands nearby, such as Mallorca. By doing some research into Holidays in Mallorca you can get inspired and have something to look forward to that the whole family can get involved with, where the rules are relaxed, and the routine is different.

2. You Get To Play

There is a lot to contend with when you’re a parent, and if you also work, then there is, even more, to think about. A lot of the time this leaves very little space in your life for fun things and to play. Although you may associate playing with children and assume you’ve grown out of it, adults can definitely benefit from playing, and a family holiday will give you exactly the excuse you need to do it.

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3. It’s Healthy

If you want to be more healthy, a family holiday can help you get there, particularly if you want your mental health to improve. A good family holiday far away from everything else that is happening in your life, one that gives you the chance to relax, will reduce stress and anxiety. Since stress can be the cause of some nasty problems including ulcers, high blood pressure, stroke, and depression, it’s a good idea to reduce it in your life wherever and whenever you can.

4. Bonding

How well do you really know your children? It may seem like an odd question, but as they get older, you might start to drift apart a little (or even a lot), and when you’re on holiday together you can discover all kinds of wonderful things about what they enjoy doing and – perhaps most importantly – what their personalities are really like.

What’s more, they can also get to know you more. When you step away from complete parenting mode and become more relaxed on holiday, you will let your own personality shine through.

Even a short amount of time can enable this to happen, and when you all return home, it is something that can help you maintain or even strengthen your relationships through this bond.

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